New Too Human Images

IGN host 6 (very similar) new images for Too Human on the Xbox 360.


The screenshots are explained here, ,
for they show off a move called "The Slide"

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power of Green 3915d ago

The animations in this game are top-notch and the flesh tones and skin textures are dam stellar if i may say.

nice_cuppa3915d ago

waiting....................... ......

ALI G3915d ago

how long more can i wait ? honstly the wait killing my passion for this game.especially afteer what we saw at last E3 .i hope at least they relase 1/4 video so we can see how the game changed since

_insane_cobra3915d ago

They've released several videos since then, most of them can be found on IGN.

Funky Town_TX3915d ago

I will not pay $60 for a 7 rated game. A 7 rated game should be $40. Boy, I hope SN gets it together.

VirusE3915d ago

This game looks awesome! Is it just me or did I just look at the basically the same screen shot like 7 times?

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The story is too old to be commented.