Defending the Nintendo 3DS - Gamervision Editorial

A few days ago, Nintendo of Japan revealed the Nintendo 3DS, the next evolution of the Nintendo handheld brand. According to a short press release, the system would provide games that "can be enjoyed with 3D effects without the need for any special glasses." Immediately, the internet began a collective rally against the system, which they assumed with be another incremental upgrade to the Nintendo DS. However, based on what we know from the press release and looking at Nintendo's past, we have little reason to believe that it's going to be a small step, and every indication points towards it being significantly more than that.

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Handhelds_FTW3191d ago

I wasn't aware the system was under attack, you know being only confirmed in the past 48 hours or so.

" Immediately, the internet began a collective rally against the system"

A Collective rally against the system?, just because people are asking questions on just how good the 3D effects will without glasses is hardly to be taken as an "attack"

Everyone should just show some patience, all be answer come E3, maybe even a bit earlier as we get more info and/or a leak here and there

RealityCheck3191d ago

I agree, this article seems to jump the gun and go overboard with being over defensive. Overall I've seen more positive articles and posting of people showing interests than negative ones and as you point out they are not even negative ones but more just asking questions.

starvinbull3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

Far from being against the 3DS Iam in favour though I have major worries that the 3D itself will not be the true kind of 3D that people are seeing from upcoming PS3 games and that worries me.

True 3D please, proper polygonal graphics please and a reasonable price of sub £200.

Chris3993191d ago

Knee jerk reactions followed by verbal slamming from the corporate heads (and lately Reggie, Koller and Greenburg have ALL been guilty of it).

I'm quite excited about this, especially if it has the new - rumored - tegra chip in it. The DS always had a great library, I just wish that it had a little more juice under the hood. I imagine that this device will become a JRPG haven and breeding-ground just like it's predecessor too.

I'm pretty sure that the 3DS won't be 'true' 3D though. Considering how nascent and expensive auto-stereoscopic tech is, I don't see Nintendo perfecting it for a sub $200 price point. There will likely be smoke and mirrors involved, but who cares, as long as the library is enjoyable and the specs are better? I'm also very excited about the murmurings of an analog stick - finally!

turok3191d ago

Talk about fail article. I don't recall anyone except psp fans attacking the 3ds. otherwise all will be revealed in e3 so just wait on.

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turok3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

there has been nothing but praise for the 3ds so this article is bullocks. 3DS gonna own the handheld market.... oh wait nvm ds has been doing that for years no need... my only concern is the 3d feature. will it be REAL 3d or 3d old tricks?

eagle213190d ago

I am going as far as saying I'm buying it day 1...and I haven't even seen it. :)