Alternate endings in Manhunt 2

Gamesradar writes: "Despite being banned in the UK, our sister mag from across the Atlantic, NGamer, had the exclusive Wii review for Manhunt 2. We may never get to experience the game that they played now that Rockstar's gone back to the drawing board. However, when perusing the tip book that comes packed with NGamer, we came upon a little nugget of information regarding not only alternate endings, but completely different final levels depending on how you played the game.

"The final level you see depends on how you played the game - there are two completely different ones.

Without giving away too much of the surprise, if you play the way most gamers probably will - getting as many red executions and environmental kills as possible, wasting as many enemies as possible and trying out new weapons on the occasional tramp or other innocent - you'll get the 'dark' final level and a slightly gloomy ending.

To lighten things up a little (not much, though) try playing in a more cowardly way - if you do executions, go for white ones, and leave innocents alive. The less you resemble a psychopathic killer who actually enjoys performing amateur surgery with a pair of pliers, the fewer points you'll score in the end-of-level ratings and the more chance you'll have of seeing a 'positive' ending.""

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PS360WII3911d ago

Well look at that. See they put in a way for you to want to not kill as many. See there is your choice. You can kill but if you leave them alone you can get a different ending.

techie3911d ago

Good choice - ratings board don't play the game - they watch a tape of chosen highlights "the worst bits" - funny aye? Just really tooo bad.