140° Makes Their E3 2007 Predictions For The Big 3

Will Microsoft announce a portable system? New Nintendo Wii colors on the horizon? Sony's Playstation Online no longer a free service? Check out Ripten's predictions for this years E3.

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Sangheili853947d ago

Wow this guys rumors are stupid. He wants the 360 to be the same as the PS3 and Wii. Also the Elites not dead. It's doing great at least at my BestBuy. Yeah the PS3 needs rumble i can't stand playing it with those light controllers. I would be shocked if Sony started to charge for the internet.

MonkeyMan3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

I work at a best buy as well and yes they are doing well but the only reason people are buing them is because of the hdmi. No yes some of the predictions are a stretch, but if they were going to make a cable for pros and cores then you would have no need for an elite. I have a 120GB hard drive and only 12GB full. And as for paid internet it is going to happen eventually, it was rummored awhile back and I believe that someone from sony said i would not be free forever (I may be completly wrong)

ash_divine3947d ago

the guy was basicially trying to morph the 360 into a ps3. If xbox fans really wanted that they would buy a ps3.

PS: if I see one more E3 prediction article I'll explode.

clownfacemcgee3947d ago

How would they make an HDMI cable without the proper port? HDMI with HDCP requires the HDCP handshake, and they can't just do that through an adapter cable. He really doesn't know what he's talking about.

HDCP handshakes are complex, but as I understand it, each device has a special set of numbers, like a matrix, and using those 2, I forget the algorithm, but I believe I found it on the web, they generate a unique handshake number, that they use every time they connect.

I probably got that all wrong, so please correct me if you know anything about it. But, I believe, HDCP is necessary for HDMI, so I don't think it's possible to just make a simple adapter. Please, if you know anything about HDMI or HDCP, or if it's possible to make an adapter, then please share what you know.

Nostradavis3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

Microsoft could lower the price of the elite and thereby do away with the need for the pro system all together, it would be one way to make their supporters happy.

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m233947d ago

I think Sony will start charging for online, if not they'll probably charge for Home. I don't think Microsoft will cut prices on Live.

Blood_Spiller3947d ago

I doubt Sony will announce at this years E3 that they will start charging for online. Sony is on thin ice with a lot of people and they know that, this years E3 Sony will only announce positive news to get the hype train rolling and systems moving off the shelves at a faster pace. If Sony does plan to start charging for online sometime in the future I believe the earliest time they would make this announcement would be E3’08, by then the hate should of died down and they can afford to drop a bomb that big and still get away with it. That’s my thoughts, take them as you will.

Double-Edged3947d ago

Microsoft is gonna show Halo.....

watch... it will come true... LOL....

who cares about these articles...
the event is in just a couple of days right???

Gamers will be happy.
360, PS3, and wii....

I'm really curious of how SmashBros is gonna be like... might buy a wii just for that game. seriously.

clownfacemcgee3947d ago

If any game would make me buy a Wii (and that'd be hard, since I'll admit I despise Nintendo) it'd be a party game like Mario Party or Super Smash Bros.

On another note, I despise Nintendo, because they release 1 handheld and then a new, upgraded one a year or two later, and look how little each one improves on the other. Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Advance SP, Gameboy Advance Micro. The DS was about even with PSP, until they released the DS Lite, and everyone I know with a DS, goes out and buys the new DS Lite. It's so incredibly ridiculous. They also release a new Zelda or Super Mario Bros or Mario Kart that doesn't actually do anything new, yet is hailed as the best RPG or best platformer or best racing game. Nintendo takes advantage of people with their mediocre consoles and games.

Even though the Wii costs the least, they were the only ones to make a profit on their system at launch. Microsoft and Sony both lost money at first, and Sony still loses money. At launch, it cost Sony $800 to manufacture the $600 SKU and something like $750 to manufacture the $500 SKU, and it didn't even sell, so they dropped it. The point is that Sony and Microsoft both took a loss to provide value, while Nintendo just takes advantage of people that don't know the specs and numbers.

Sorry if that was a bit of a rant.

VirusE3947d ago

Sony would be stupid to start charging after they have given out free service. He does make a good point about people getting banned though.

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