Rumor Round-up: PS3 & 360 Price Drops Forthcoming At E3

Those who have been pondering a purchase of the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 might have noticed a big obstacle in their way -- a hefty price tag. However, some rumors have been surfacing that this year's E3 will bring a startling revelation for both machines. Some kind of price drop has been rumored for both consoles, and GameDaily's got a rough estimate of what they might have in mind. (Remember, these are rumors, nothing has been confirmed.)

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MK_Red3944d ago

Actually, MS already has kinda done that in Japan. 360 Elite will be less than $400 there.

Mycococo3944d ago

the ps3 is going to have a price drop from the 20gb $500 price point meaning $400. remember a few rumors stating a $200 price drop? and to further solidify this consider the lowered price of hd-dvd players from toshiba to $300 and a $400 price tag on the xbox elite. the blue ray diode droped in price from $125 to like $5 and the removal of the ps2 emulation chip. that is almost your $200 right there! now couple that with a NEED to compete with hd-dvd players and the xbox elite at around the same price point.

ArduousAndy3944d ago

Since the Ps3 is part of the buy a blu-ray player get 5 free blu-ray movies

Omegasyde3944d ago

A PS3 redesign will come and I don't think at E3, but sometime in the fall before the Holiday Season.

It will probally Mirror the $500 Sku with less USB ports,(no hdmi?), heck maybe a 10 gig, with the shock rumble controller as the default controller. No memory cards either. Preloaded with Demo's. No BR DVD. Price=(400-429) Speculation. Not only will this deal cut at MS, but at Toshiba as well. Will Sony put more effort against Toshiba or MS?

Microsoft will combat this new Lesser Model of PS3 with a super price drop on just the Core System....I think it will hit $200 or $250 (hmm same as the...Wii?). With this lower price drop will be smart, since it will effect the PS3 and dip into the Wii's Kool Aide. Possible male in rebate with purchase of HD DVD attachment... soon at E3?

I can also see the PS2 at $99.99 w/ 1 game. Sony will probally make it a casual game like Singstar... at E3.

For us gamers, competition is great!!!! They compete for sales but in the end...It is the customer that wins. Then again everything I have stated above, is my own speculation. I think this E3 will be one of the best yet.

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MK_Red3944d ago

What about Wii price cut? Maybe with release of DVD-enabled Wii (movie DVD), they will lower the price of older Wiis.
Hopefully, both Sony and MS announce some kind of price drop for all regions not just a few.

masterg3944d ago

Why in the world would you cut the price on something where you can not keep up with the demand.

MK_Red3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

Now thats a good question. I mean who hates price drop? Its good for us, consumers.

UPDATE: masterg, you have point. But a DVD-enabled Wii would cost more and be more pricy I believe. I dont think Nintendo would release a Wii more expensive than $250 considering that 360 and PS3 price drop is highly suggested.
Whoe knows what will happen? 6 more days...

Vojkan3944d ago

Why do you need 2? Maybe to give one to me :)
If they cut the price for some 150 i will buy it instantly

Sangheili853944d ago

It's hard to imagine they cutting the price only after 1 year. They need to make money too. MS i could see dropping the price i mean it's been 2 years. But Sony wow that would be cool but at the same time show weakness that they know their hurting.

VirusE3944d ago

Sangehili I agree that it’s hard to believe but in the end it’s all about the needs of the business. Regardless of the reasoning behind it, a cut in the price would sell tons of systems. The ps3 is to pricy for many people. I don’t think a ps3 price cut is a desperate move as much as it is an admission of a mistake in the initial pricing.

genix133944d ago

Yeah, specially seing how the ps3 has helped Sony with blu-ray. They might do a price cut to increase demand thus gaining advantages in other fronts(blu-ray, HDTVs,etc.) because you must remember Sony is not just a PS3 company, it's a hardware manufacturer and it can use the ps3 for leverage in other areas.

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Double-Edged3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

If PS3 does a price-cut... it means they are desperate. and I might buy that Blu-Ray.. did they win the war yet??

If 360 does a price-cut... Halo3 will be it's best friend, Sales will go crazzy.

If sony does a price drop..
It better be the same price as the 360. So i'll be able to play MGS4 and FF...actually..cross out FF...

kewlkat0073944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

MSFT is in a good position and will not be the "LEADER" when it comes to price-cuts.
They know, Sony has no choice but to cut their prices if they wanna move some hardware, since we all know, games are not the only thing that matters. MSFT is not in the same boat per say.(No desperation, here)
I think, MSFT will play the role of "FOLLOWER" when it comes to price-cuts.

"Price Matters", then again I have seen some people on here that do not want Sony to cut their prices for whatever reasons.

Hopefully they do not feel like fools for being "early adopters" while having to wait for the initial release of the PS3, then wait for games, and as well to have games being delayed.

Of course I wait as well, things can only get better with both consoles.

witchking3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

I don't think MSFT is looking at Sony on the price tag. They know Sony is going to stay more expensive than they are for at least another year.

No, the whisperings out of MSFT have been related to Nintendo's price. Getting to $250, and getting there with some kind of casual games story, have been on the minds of the men in Redmond. Even Peter Moore has commented upon the $250 price tag the Wii is carrying.

They can all b&m about the Wii not being in the same market, but at the end of the day, the NPD reports on the video game console sales, not the "hardcore/HD" video game console sales vs. the "casual/arm-waving" video game console sales.

MSFT wants to win, and it's Nintendo that is gaining on their lead. Sony is a distant third, and certainly MSFT needs to be concerned about them, but I'll bet they feel they have the games to combat Sony's threat.

What they don't have is an immediate answer to the Wii's success, other than cutting the price.

I think we'll see the core reduced to $250 and the premium to $350, as a start. That means that for all of you who have been waiting to buy a 360 until Halo 3 ships, you're basically getting it packaged in the box (i.e., the price cut on the premium is roughly equal to the cost of the game).