Industry Welcomes Conservative's IP Stance

The Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association has welcomed comments made by David Cameron in which the Conservative Party leader acknowledged the need for a more robust intellectual property framework in light of the scale of copyright theft in the UK.

Speaking at the BPI's (The British Recorded Music Industry) AGM in London yesterday, Cameron (pictured) said that copyright theft in the UK was operating on a massive scale.

He recognized the detrimental impact copyright theft was having on investment, innovation and creativity, as well the fact that monies garnered from such crimes were being redistributed into organized crime.

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nirwanda3885d ago

I think the whole 'monies garnered from such crimes were being redistributed into organized crime.' is a bit far fetched maybe a very small proportion does but not much.
Mr cameron is just using soundbites for the press at ever opportunity I'm not condoning copying games and music in any way but to say it leads to organized crime just makes him sound out of touch with normal society

clownfacemcgee3885d ago

He's pandering to the industry. They want clearance to enforce draconian measures like the Sony BMG rootkit scandal.