Mario Party Rocks the Wii

Certain yearly franchises receive the scorn of "hardcore" gamers for their lack of innovation year over year. Sports franchises are the most often criticized for "roster updates" and other nominal changes, but other games are roundly skewered as well. One of the most prominent examples of this is the Mario Party series, the Hudson Soft series of mini-games published on an annual basis.

Now, opinions on the Mario Party series vary pretty wildly, but it's always had its fan base. Despite the fact that many have contended that the series has been on a "slide" for years, sales continue to validate the release of new incarnations. With Mario Party 8 making the jump to the Wii, the franchise may have gotten the shot in the arm it needed to continue releasing strongly for the next several years.

GameDaily take's a closer look at Mario Party 8, dissecting what it takes to party on into the night.

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