PS2 hasn't been superseded, says Sony dev

The big and shiny PS3 may have blasted in to take the top seat in the PlayStation line of consoles, but the PS2 isn't dead, it's just serving a different sector of the market, says bigBIG's, Chris Whiteside.

Currently lead designer on Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice, Whiteside told CVG: "I don't think [the PS2 has] been superseded. If you remember the longevity of use of the PSone after the PS2 came out - PSone was still huge for a long time afterwards."

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ben hates you4004d ago

it might start to decline, around christmas 08 and be phased out by chrismas 09, or who knows. not me

timmyp534004d ago

and will continue for a couple years

MK_Red4004d ago

PS2 is the John McClane of consoles I guess. One seriously die hard console (Hugs his PS2).

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