Xbox 360 Elite to launch in Japan at $390 USD

Microsoft is planning to release their new Xbox 360 model, the Xbox 360 Elite in Japan at a reduced price to try to gain a foothold in Japan's notoriously tough to crack gaming market.

The Xbox 360 Elite will launch in Japan with a 47,800 yen($390 USD) pricetag, around $90 USD less than the U.S. price of $479.00.

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Marty83703978d ago (Edited 3977d ago )

MS will never do well in Japan. Still too high for a console with a bog standard DVD player. PS3 still looks the better buy with the inclusion of the Blu-ray drive for around the same price.

BIadestarX3978d ago

They don't have to... as long as they have a precense in Japan to keep those Japanese developer releasing their games to their home land it's all good. Why? cause then those games will come to regions where the xbox 360 is doing great.. like US... I bet you games like Blue Dragon will do great in the US... and money is money... developers will be happy... Something that Microsoft can't do is pull the xbox 360 out of Japan.... it can only weaken japanese developer's support...
So, if it takes microsoft to maintain a precense in Japan where they may never win the heart of the people in order to do better in other regions.. then be it.

ALI G3978d ago

much better in this genration than the previous genration.. 1 point for know what make 10 point , ther earned it

DrRage773977d ago

i smell pricecut for all 360's here in the u.s. come early fall.......

Greysturm3977d ago

I would love for a cheaper elite but no, we cant have those they are japan only.

esemce3977d ago

Sheeet! We get srewed

Eagle Eye3977d ago

If they dropped the elites price here in the us for 390 I might just trade mine in. I dont think it will be fair if ms doesnt price cut for the rest of the world, because japan aint it.