Motorstorm 3 Leaked?

Ironstar: "According to a user's post on someone has apparently obtained a playable demo of Motorstorm 3."

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whateva2703d ago

3 years 4 Motorstorms they are really pushing these games out.

Raf1k12703d ago

Some would say that's a bad thing.

TBH I'd rather have one great game that's well supported for a couple of years. This is a reason I haven't bought Motorstorm 2 after playing the demo the other month. I was kind of expecting a new Motorstorm game which I would happily buy on release.

LordMarius2703d ago

I'm still waiting on this motorstorm

remanutd552703d ago

keep waiting while i play the most brutal off road racer there is , LUNATICS UNITE!!!!!

Biggest2703d ago

It's funny that he thinks that video's quality isn't obtainable. If God of War 3 and Gran Turismo 5 are any indication, and they are, it will be here soon.

n4gn4gn4gn4g2703d ago

...with the head tracking that is coming to the PSEYE you may very well get your wish.

Darkstorn2703d ago

I think we all know MS3 is being worked on, but a playable demo already? Sweet.

Montrealien2703d ago

hell yeah, I love Motorstorm! They can milk it as long as they want, this milk is goood!


Isnt that the same game I played about 3 years ago?? Yeah the one that almost stayed 3 months in my PS3? Come on dude give it a try. It doesnt look as mighty as the video you showed but it still looks better than almost all the off road games available for either console. I bougth Pacific Rift about a month ago new at $19.97 and I cant believe how great it looks and how adictive it is. It was the game I took from inside the PS3 to replace with GOW3 and now after finished GOW its back at my PS3. The only game that comes close to this is maybe Dirt 2. So if you believe that at least the destruction and adrenaline of that video wasn achieved... youve never played MOTORSTORM. LUNATICS UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Montrealien2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

( It doesnt look as mighty as the video you showed)

I agree, 5 years ago we saw things we will start seeing in the next 5 years. Still happy though, if anything those target videos pushed those devs to give us the great games we have had on the PS3.

and harrykid, that made no sense. sorry.

The Great Melon2703d ago


I absolutely love Pacific Rift. I also managed to pick it up several months ago when it was $20. Now my friends and I play that all the time on the weekends. Nothing beats shoving my friends off the road or running over them. I wish the DLC maps weren't twenty bucks or else I would buy them in an instant. Can't wait for MotorStorm 3.

Def Warrant2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

@ Marius

Yeah we're still waiting for this Halo.

At least Motorstorm was actually in HD


I suggest you quite the trolling.

menoyou2703d ago

this years E3 is going to be amazing :X

sikbeta2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

Motorstorm: Pacific Rift >>> Motorstorm, so Motorstorm 3 will be Huge and It'll make MariusElijah and every PS3 Owner Happy...

boodybandit2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

I'm still waiting on this Halo

LordMarius2703d ago

why the hell did you people brought up Halo for me? trolling?
you Sony Fanboys are crazy, dont worry I understand(check my comment history)
Anyways I played Motorstorm 2 and wasn't impressed, I want something very close to that video

boodybandit2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

Personally I didn't call you a troll. I merely pointed out how easy it is to do what you did with a ton of games. Sony has hit, or come damn close to hitting, most of their target renders. They are the last company that should be taking shots at by anyone this generation as far as graphics go. At least they are in the ball park if not hitting it over the fence.

Motorstorm is a fantastic game and it's visuals are only rivalled by Dirt 2 for off road racers this gen. The draw distance of the original blew me away and I thought Pacific Rift was even better then the original. Maybe you just aren't into this type of racer.

kwicksandz2703d ago

doesnt spark my interest

was massively dissapointed by pacific rift, the rubber band AI totally killed the singleplayer and the multi was dead after the first week.

Hope they make some major changes to the series this time round.

MEsoJD2702d ago

it would be awesome if they pulled off a killzone 2 and make the third

one close or even better than that target video.

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cry from the sky2703d ago

but this is also a great game. one of the best.

RememberThe3572703d ago

6 games in 9 years is milking now?

Convas2703d ago

Ah ah ahh. 3 Full games, and A glorified expansion in 9 years. Wars was an RTS and by another studio.

Get your facts straight son.

Biggest2703d ago

Won't Reach make the fourth Halo title since the release of Xbox 360?

Darkfocus2703d ago

there's been 3 games in the last three years(including reach this year, as well as countless merchandise and people say the series is milked because it's primarily a multi-player game with very little improvements over the original formula, but in it's favor it's probably my favorite split-screen game.

LordMarius2703d ago

its not just games that milk a franchise,

bjornbear2703d ago

and the soda cans and the animated movie and the wax model and the........list goes on milked like the farms fattest cow

RememberThe3572703d ago

I suppose that is true, but I just don't thin halo is milked very badly. Especially when compared to other video game franchises

Brklynty12703d ago

Considering the last installment released last year. And don't even go and say so did motostorm because its a racing game, its understandable.

sikbeta2703d ago

lol kind of an IRONIC Thing to see the Blu-Ray LOGO over Something halo-related, just saying...

boysenberry2703d ago

At least it's good milk. Motorstorm was great, Motorstorm 2 was better, and Motorstorm 3 will be epic!

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spunnups2703d ago

Motorstorm 1 was good but the 2nd one was incredible. Amazingly fun but of course it needs additions like customizable vehicles and maybe a map editor???!?!

Anyway I'd love to see Motorstorm taken to the next level.