Mike Patcher: "The Exclusives for 360 Look a Little Better"

With the new Grand Theft Auto IV, though, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions will be out on the same day, Oct. 16. What's more, the makers of the game have said they're working on Grand Theft Auto IV "episodes" -- small, new chunks of games -- that will only be available for purchase and downloading to the Xbox 360.

Meanwhile, Halo 3, the latest version of Microsoft's outer-space shooting game, will only be playable on the Xbox 360. "The exclusives for 360 look a little bit better," says Michael Pachter, an analyst at Wedbush Morgan Securities.

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SuperSaiyan43978d ago (Edited 3978d ago )

The Xbox 360 is GAMES CONSOLE whereas good ol' Ken who well is no longer at the top holding the PS anymore since his second demotion was calling it a COMPUTER.

Well guess what he was right, so right in fact that the only use the PS3 seems to have these is to be used in number crunching.

How many articles have you read on this? And about companies using the power in servers etc and linking them all up?

Now a games console and a next gen one should serve one purpose...

Deliver next gen entertainment, what kind of entertainment can you possible get in knowing your 'COMPUTER' can calculate soo many flops of power and can help cure cancer???

Surely IBM should have supplied this CELL CPU to Cancer research or built them dedicated machines!!!

I think a lot of folk have lost the plot and the Sony fanboys are now claiming to fame that their console is the uber pwnage of power and awesomness...

Well whilst they are doing that as a gamer and along with all the Xbox fans out there we are looking at one thing....

That lovely LONG list of top 360 exclusives and the constant release of games.

Release this week for PS3? Ninja Gaiden Sigma...A remake from the XBOX version!

The Xbox 360 has a great future for itself for gaming, it looks great, it uses a lot less power, faster loading, main platform for 3rd party titles (at least 90% of them) has the best CPU and GPU for true next gen gaming.

Also when you download a demo you DONT have to install it!! Nor do you have to install any games from the online marketplace!

I have a PS3 and it works too much like a PC! Its not very user friendly.

I am a gamer and those with a PS3 only are not gamers sorry, Sony fans were gamers when they had a PS2 because it had a ton load of games.

The Xbox has always been for the SERIOUS gamer.

Sony will not win this gen am sorry its all about gaming experience with exclusives and games like HALO 3, Blue Dragon, Lost Odessy, Bioshock, PGR4, Fable 2 and the rest Xbox 360 has it all.

And paying for Xbox Live means you get a far better experience I have done the comparisons and the PS3's online is pathetic.

kingboy3978d ago (Edited 3978d ago )

are you done?i guess we can all start editing articles for submission

Razzy3978d ago

You forgot to mention the Xbox's 33% failure rate. One third of you are waiting for your 360's to come back from the repair shop.

masterg3978d ago

I own both consoles. I will bet you anything you want that the PS3 will beat the 360 in this gen.

Any analyst with a little sense would tell you that.
Any journalist who follows the media would tell you that it will not.

drtysouf213978d ago (Edited 3978d ago )

This is in no way to knock the 360 or glorify the PS3 because i try to stay unbiased as possible but look at this the 360 is 1 year older then the PS3 shouldn't the exclusives look ENORMOUSLY BETTER and not just a LITTLE BIT BETTER. Microsoft has had a full year start so even if i agreed with the statement which i don't then i would look at it like this......In the PS3's first year it has VERY CLOSE ALMOST EQUAL you could say to the 2nd year of games for the 360.

My opinion is 360 has a lot of great exclusives but the PS3 has a lot of great exclusives that are more diverse and reach to all different types of audiences.

I'll probably loose bubbles even though it wasn't a bashing comment so somebody help me lol!

EDIT: @below your right it is anyones choice to look at it the way they choose it depends on your line of thinking but i disagree with that because though i believe it is more powerful and it is newer it will take developers time to harness that power and for the fruits of their labor to show. I mean PS3 can be more powerful but you won't know it till developers get used to it and show us.

sjappie3978d ago (Edited 3978d ago )

"This is in no way to knock the 360 or glorify the PS3 because i try to stay unbiased as possible but look at this the 360 is 1 year older then the PS3 shouldn't the exclusives look ENORMOUSLY BETTER and not just a LITTLE BIT BETTER."

Thats one way of looking at it, you can also turn it around: The ps3 came out a year later, shouldn't it be obviously more powerfull and blow away the compititon wich has "a year older" hardware?

Tabasco3978d ago

I think what hes trying to get at is when people bash the ps3 saying it has no games and sucks well no duh the 360 has more because it has had a year more to make games and work on exclusives while Sony still had to focus on the still going strong ps2.

sjappie3978d ago

Your explanation is nowhere near what he was trying to point out. His point was more like: " Because the 360 is around a year longer, the games should already look way better than Ps3 games, instead of a little better, wich is, off course, some strange reasoning.

sack3978d ago

you should try and lighten up a little.

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power_of_ps_III3978d ago

...tsk tsk tsk... anything for some n4g points

Presidentjr3978d ago

true, where is the so called old quote ?

FeralPhoenix3978d ago (Edited 3978d ago )

I agree, but its a matter of taste, therefore its very subjective when you start to talk about who has the best exclusives....if I had to pick, yeah I would go with 360 because I just have to own Halo3, Mass Effect and a few other big ones, as for PS3 I got to play MGS4 but again it depends on each individuals preference, luckily I own both so I don't have to choose.

[Edit] huh?, this is one analyst opinion, he most likely doesn't even play games, so just take it with a grain of salt and stop crying because if it was the other way around sonyfans would definitely approve it...this is typical N4G news. Its funny normal sony fans aren't worried or bothered by his opinion 'cause it doesn't matter.....jeesh fanboys have thin skin.

[Edit] article itself is OK but yeah you shouldn't have changed the headline.

Retro-Virus3978d ago (Edited 3978d ago )

Err, no sorry M$, your games are as good as your marketing gets.

Just as good as the other pile of turd you make - Windows, everyone uses it but oh well !!