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Kojima Productions Report 47 - E3 Trailer confirmed, New Environment

The latest report from Kojima Productions confirms a new trailer will be shown at E3 which will feature a new environment and more. (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3)

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Omega Kaze  +   3067d ago
Hope its something new!
As much as I like the classic Metal Gear Areas and feel I think it would be great if they had a different terrain never seen before like snow or something to that extent.

I hope this game is great, but then again I hope I can just hold off on getting a ps3 for at least 2 years (price drop and more games and so on...) so I kinda hope it comes to the 360...or at least 6 months afterword. Plus a new tatoo on Peter Moore's arm would give me something to laugh about for the next week.

Cant wait!
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boi  +   3067d ago
lol 2 years!!!! r u mad!! lol


but like truthfully 2 years! i mean their r other good AAA titles out for the ps3 and other titles this year and nxt soo no need to wait 2 years plus i think there has to be a price drop by then anyways lol

yea about this game i think it will be soo much different then the previous 1s(environment) :)

btw who disagree...did i say anythin wrong lol
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Razzy  +   3067d ago
"As much as I like the classic Metal Gear Areas and feel I think it would be great if they had a different terrain never seen before like snow or something to that extent."

I'm pretty sure there was quite a bit of snow in Metal Gear Solid on the original Playstation and the remake, Twin Snakes, on the Gamecube.

EDIT: Who disagreed? You need to play MGS again methinks.

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Omega Kaze  +   3067d ago
Oh yeah I knew that
I mean like more of a snow based level, kind like the jungle but in snow..i guess? Anyways it was just a suggestion.
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Razzy  +   3067d ago
Omega Kaze
I hear ya man.

The most memorable MGS snow battle for me was the Sniper Wolf battle. Of course fighting Liquid while he was flying the Hind-D on the rooftop was awesome too.
Daytona  +   3067d ago
DAMN!!! They still can't give us a demo!!!!!
This sucks! Wait wait wait.......
Retro-Virus  +   3067d ago
Awesome Kojima, this is the only game that I'm looking forward to @ E-3. Now blow Killzone-2 away :p
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UJUSTLOSTONE  +   3067d ago
New Demo, did you say! New Area did you say! and more to come, did you say ???? !!!!


I CANNOT WAIT. Seriously, I skipped all the old articles and went straight to this one when I saw it. I love this Franchise. Man, E-3, the games, the suspense, the wait.


Let's Go, C'mon Baby Let's Go

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LeShin  +   3067d ago
...and a bubble for making me laugh :)
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Blankman  +   3067d ago
i am killer sykd bout mgs 4. If there is any game waiting for its mgs. Here is to hoping ps3 dosent lose this exclusive. I don't want any watering down
ThaGeNeCySt  +   3067d ago
nobizlikesnowbiz  +   3067d ago
MGS4 looks to be like the best thing comin to PS3 to me. Just my opinion though this game looks really f**king cool. I love MG series, I've even played some of the older ones (before PS).

This game could possibly force me to pull out my wallet and buy a PS3.
But then again, maybe it won't. We will see.
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Snake_Doctor  +   3067d ago
My Post-E3 dream
MGS4 Demo
Heavenly Sword Demo
KZ2 Demo
Lair Demo
Uncharted Demo

It'll never happen all at the same time but it's nice to dream.
BIadestarX  +   3067d ago
Hey! You forgot Final Fantasy!
tehcellownu  +   3067d ago
this e3 is goin to be awesome for sony!!
Vojkan  +   3067d ago
I agree, they have so much stuff to show.
BIadestarX  +   3067d ago
Trailer!? Don't we have enough MGS trailers already. We want a demo! I'm dying to see how the game plays... come on Kojima release a Demo!
LeShin  +   3067d ago
I agree (Eh.....i'm agreeing with bladestar?!....did the four horseman of the apocalypse just run pass my window?!! lol)

But you're right, as much as I like new trailers to look at, I would much prefer a playable demo now as I'm tired of hearing about "new" MGS trailers. To be honest, I don't like seeing too many trailers for games as I feel it spoils the surprise, which is why i'm currently staying away from all the Folklore trailers that's been released lately as I really want that game.

Come on Kojima, give me a playable 10 minute....hell i'll even take a 5 minute playable demo on PSN as an early christmas present :D
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Dlacy13g  +   3067d ago
you beat me to the punch. I love his trailers...but after 2 years I am kinda expecting something playable that the press can get their hands on.
Siesser  +   3067d ago
I agree whole-heartedly with trailers spoiling things. It's the reason I haven't kept up on any Assassin's Creed footage in months. "Don't wanna know, don't wanna know! I can't heeeeear you!"
nice_cuppa  +   3067d ago
it says a trailer....... NOT a demo.

it must be playable by now !
VirusE  +   3067d ago
I hope they at least let the press play it. I am itching for some real details about the game. I seriously doubt we will see a demo. It would take time and resources away from making the core game. Demos help unknown games sell but a game like mgs will sell like hot cakes on its name alone. Epic said they didn’t make a gears demo for the reasons I listed above.
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SimmoUK  +   3067d ago
MGS4 confirmed for everyone
Only at Sony's and konami's press confrence's it says in the podcast, that should hold down the rumours for at least until after E3 :)
Phantom_Lee  +   3067d ago
....can't wait.....
ReconHope  +   3067d ago
i try to only watch trailers. i think those 10 minute gameplay videos are ridiculous spoilers.
timmyp53  +   3067d ago
i want an mgs4 trailer or demo on psn .. that would be kool
e3 should bring alot of good stuff to the plate.
SKOD BIG BOSS  +   3067d ago
another mgs trailer
to steal the show at e 3,...again. i cant wait :D
Maldread  +   3067d ago
This should be interesting
The last MGS4 trailer was good, so can`t wait to see what Kojima will show this time, but it would be cool to get a demo too like Bladestar said. This might be the game which makes me buy a PS3, so it would be nice to see how it actually plays ;)
HeartlesskizZ  +   3067d ago
MGS news areas? hmm maybe a big desert since is in middle east, or big mountains of sands where u can camo and snipe, I dont know whatever they come up with im sure is good
Wile  +   3067d ago
We're tired of trailers!
IMHO PS3 trailers for any of the "AAA" games is simply unacceptable. We've been waiting since E3 05. Thanks for more of the same Kojima. Hope you didn't just revise the old trailer for a third time.
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Babylonian  +   3066d ago
This is my favorite game
I can't wait to play it.

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