Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway preview by CVG

In Hell's Highway you still play Sgt Matt Baker, charged with commanding a squad of men through a series of historically accurate WWII towns, but this time around Unreal Engine 3 is handling the physics. Nazi soldiers still position themselves behind cover to hide from your squad's fire, but now you can blow their cover wide open. Wooden fences splinter and collapse in accordance with where they've been shot, church towers throw bricks far and wide when hit with a rocket....

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ben hates you3851d ago

i call it the forza of FPS, graphics are top notch, true story! sad story at that, it is so awesome, it is not at all like call of duty the game takes knowledge to play, where as in call of duty you tend just to take bullets every second and slaughter everything, No this game is so much more

ALI G3851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )

how many call of duty allready been relaed, how many brother in armes already relased , medal of honor ........i went to sleep...i wake up ...houre of victory , end of wars or whatever it called....justHOW MANY???/ENOUGH WW2 IS FINSHED...please note i am crying now ....devloper need to stop been lazy and make new IP .Evey time they relase a sequle they risk every think they already achived.i loved halo , halo 2 and i was sad to hear it will end at 3 but this is the right thing.devloper cannot live in what they have done in the past

ALI G3851d ago

for saying HALO in the forbidden zone..soryyyyyyyyy

ReconHope3851d ago

is not just another ww2 shooter. its the best.

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