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Sony has the most to prove this year. With PlayStation 3 in need of a booster shot, they'll unveil some more exciting games in known franchises. What's left in their internal stable of franchises? Answer that and maybe you'll figure out what they'll show off. Certainly you'll see more from Metal Gear Solid IV and Final Fantasy XIII, but they won't be out this year.

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MK_Red3945d ago

Rock Band becoming timed exclusive? While MS is good at getting exclusives for 360, I dont think EA would let that happen to Rock Band. And Sony has good relations with MTV.

MK_Red3944d ago

True but if Rock Band can be as successfull as Guitar Hero, no money can make it exclusive. GH2 sold more than 3 million units on PS2 (3 * 80 = $240 million). Rock Band has the chance to seel that much so for the sake of Money, EA may keep RB multi. But who knows what will be Peter Moore's new tattoo?

VaeVictus3944d ago

What a piece of garbage article.

VirusE3944d ago

Why do you say that? I honestly think this is one of the better e3 prediction articles.

Charlie26883944d ago

ONLY by the fact that he says the PSP failed completely obliterates his credibility since if he doesn't even know what the hell he is talking about with the PSP the rest of his prediction can be clearly questioned

VirusE3944d ago

Charlie2688, are you being sarcastic? The psp is a complete flop for the most part. Did you miss the news about umd being canned? Just because you own one and have a good time with it doesn’t make it a financial success. The gba sells more systems in a month than a psp. I think it’s a cool piece of tech but look at the numbers, the psp sells as many systems in a month as a ds does in a few days. You didn’t like the article because you like the system and it paints a negative but very truthful light on something you love. It’s a one on one battle and the psp isn’t even on the map. How does that not make it a failure? If you went to a drag race with the intent of winning and the guy in the lane next to you beat you by 20 car lengths wouldn’t you have fail your task of winning?

Charlie26883944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

Last time I checked a 22mil PSP install base is pretty good on the market more than ANY other Nintendo competitor has EVER achieved is actually VERY good and the fact that the support is not going ANYWHERE clearly show it more, even more when big devs like SE put big titles like FFVII crisis Core on it, there is a difference between FLOP like the Gizmondo or NGage and the fact that the PSP actually caused a dent in the handheld market previously owned completely by Nintendo, which as history show us its quite an achievement for the PSP, lets look at the example you use that the GBA sells more in a week than the PSP, using Japanese number the land of the Nintendo handheld GBA weekly 742, PSP 39.275 in NA GBA 19.252 PSP 57,952...but hold on a sec were the hell were YOU getting those numbers? probably in the fact that you dont like or own the PSP and still have the PSP image of 2005, sorry but after using such a CRAPPY example of GBA vs PSP your credibilty as well as the writer of this article have fallen cosiderably

there is CLEAR deference between beating the DS and being a flop all together which in this case the PSP is not, you as the article writer didnt got the memo

here ill do you a favor give you one of the memos ironically called the "PSP failure is a myth"

ill give you the best quote "To sum it up, no rational, unbiased gamer can list the PSP as a failure."

VirusE3943d ago

You are talking about credibility and you have 2 bubbles and posted a link to a site called pspfanboy. I am not even sure what to say to you. I am not anti psp I am just anti fanboy biased bull crap. Do some reading kid; the psp is a commercial flop in everyone’s eyes but the fanboys. I love how you quote stats from Japan and not the entire world nice way to grease the wheels. You should google cognitive dissonance.

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Dlacy13g3944d ago

Ok so how many prediction articles do we think in total we will see on the site today? I am thinking a good 12 today...and by next Monday there should be close to 50 on the site. Thats not counting the 120 duplicate articles that are submitted and approved somehow, someway.

kevin11223944d ago

i agree this is a crappy article. how can you say the psp failed when it captured a part of the market that was nintendo's. And it's sold quite a few.

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