Metroid Creators Say Wii Development A Piece Of Cake

Being that it's hardly at the cutting edge of graphics horsepower, and may or may not involve quantities of both duct tape and GameCubes, the Wii shouldn't be too hard to develop for. And it's not! Metroid Prime creators Retro Studios even say so:
"The development environment is a cakewalk to work with, and we feel we took advantage of what the hardware has to offer. I'm partial to the bloom lighting, it's a really nice effect, and we could never have done that on GameCube."......

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Bill Gates3913d ago

Now this comes as a TOTAL SHOCK........NAT!

BIadestarX3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

Agreed! They are not even adding online multiplayer. How hard can it get? You change the name of the game and the characters... and this game would probably get a 6/10. Nintendo can only get away with doing things like this just because we are talking about metroid... which happens to be a very well known IP.

Razzy3913d ago

LOL no wonder. Its a freaking Gamecube with a new controller.

gaffyh3913d ago

it was a "piece of" something else last time...LOL

akaFullMetal3913d ago

yea...............its easy to make games for dated technology, wow your right guys, this is a surprise

bootsielon3913d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

...I guess that's why Metroid Prime 3 has been delayed so much, and will have no online multiplayer. Give me a f*cking break...


VirusE, the one to miss the point is you. Metroid Prime was supposed to be Nintendo's flagship FPS against Microsoft's Halo (and, if it delivers, Killzone for PS3; It'll have online and good graphics probably, and it could beat resistance; still, Nintendo has to beat resistance Online, which I doubt they could, let alone Halo).

So, the fact that Metroid is online only means Metroid is already a complete disappointment. The worst thing is that developers still have the Chutzpah to say Wii is very easy to develop for, more than the gamecube; they've had 3 years to develop the game (the game could have been started on gamecube development kits, unlike PS3 or 360 games), it was supposed to be a launch title, and the Wii has been long advertised to be the "future console for FPS". Obviously it's not, and by the looks of it, it will never deliver.

Nintendo should be the one to set example, not to follow. And by the way, just because Bioshock is single player only, it is not an excuse to make games single player only. I do like multiplayer, I don't prefer multiplayer, and I don't like multiplayer ONLY games either; to me a complete game has both. At least a "multiplayer only" game can give you hopes to get a full game or episodes of it by way of download. But Wii isn't capable of that. So a single player only Wii can hardly give you hopes to get an update of multiplayer online.

Edit 2:

DubC, don't give me your fanboy bull. "METROID PRIME IS NOT FPS, IT'S FP ADVENTURE!!! LOL!!!". If it's not FPS, then what is it?

Fvck all the fanboys on this site. "You miss the point, Metroid is all about Single player". Yeah, that's why Nintendo managed to pull it off on the NDS, right? I guess Nintendo is having too much trouble putting up an online system for the extremely powerful and cutting edge Wii, despite it being "A piece of Cake" to develop for. But I guess the profits have to come from somewhere... if they sell and do absolutely nothing, then of course they'll rake in pure profit. That's why their market cap has been soaring like crazy.


VaeVictus3913d ago

I agree. I have very little desire to get a Wii, but a Metroid game w/ online multiplayer would have been a reason to get one. Not that it would have pushed me over the top and forced me to get one, but a game like that w/ multi would be fun IMO.

ItsDubC3913d ago

How could Metroid Prime be Nintendo's flagship FPS if it isn't even an FPS?

ItsDubC3912d ago

LoL, how ironic of you to call me a fanboy, seeing as how I never bash the PS3 or 360 and yet you troll this entire site w/ that one bubble of yours.

You answered your own question. It's a first-person ADVENTURE. The focus is on exploration rather than on shooting things. Of course, I wouldn't expect you to be able to think outside of the FPS-box that you've been in, especially if you've never played previous Metroid Primes or the horrible MP2 multiplayer.

And Metroid Prime Hunters is NOT part of the Metroid Prime trilogy for the home consoles. If Retro announces a Metroid Prime Hunters for the Wii, THEN I will expect online play.

And why do you always talk about Nintendo like they're the only company trying to make a profit? Fanboyism makes ppl narrow-minded I guess...

ENNO3913d ago

NO ONLINE!?!?!?those fuking tards

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