We'll never walk away from UMD, says Sony's John Koller

Just ahead of E3, Sony's John Koller has stated that the UMD format is here to stay, thwarting any rumours about a change of format for any redesigned PSP.

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Babylonian4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

I actually like it. It's small and doesn't get scratches easy because of it's shell. And It has a Max. of 1.8 GB of space on it. That is just huge for a handheld (that's more than the Gamecube's optical disc that can hold 1.5 GB). It's also nice to watch some movies while your underway too.

£10 for a UMD? That's expensive. Here in Holland they are about 8-10 euro, which is roughly converted aprox. £5 or £6 pounds.

You'd visit Holland just to buy some cheap UMDs? That's insane.........I like the way you think, lol. I know your just kidding;)


LeShin4029d ago

Damn, I need to go visit Holland sometime soon lol

solidt124029d ago

I think the UMD's are great. I just wish the PSP could play standard video formats so I don't have to convert the video. Either way it is still easy to do.

ALI G4029d ago

for years to come.psp games will never be realsed in MS becuse if sony did than they give the thumbes up for pircy and that going to kill the platform

LeShin4029d ago

UMD movies are cool, I've got three of them and the quality is outstanding...
They really need to cut the RRP of these things. Thats is what's letting it down. Who the hell is going to buy a UMD at the same price as a DVD when it has less features? To be honest, I think all UMD'S should be about £10, because that,s how much mine cost after it was discounted. I'd buy a lot more if this was the case.

DeadlyFire4029d ago

I believe UMD will stay with PSP 1 until they decide to make PSP 2. Which should be in 2010. Then they are likely to switch over to Mini-Blu-Ray with 15 GB per disc and they are roughly about the same size as UMD discs, but they have a ton more space.

LeShin4029d ago

Didn't know about mini blu-ray disks!!
Bubble for you for showing me enlightenment :)

ALI G4029d ago

dude you are too smart for this website.

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The story is too old to be commented.