First Turning Point: Fall of Liberty trailer

First trailer of Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, the FPS set in 50s America where the Nazis won World War II.

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OutpostCommand4035d ago

Hmm. This game actually looks rather rubbish.
Besides, it looks like another "one american stops a entire war machine" kind of game.

Ptsh. Looks crap.
If they for ONCE let the Nazis win this game, who knows, it might even be interesting.

MK_Red4035d ago

They have upgraded the game from terrible previous state but it still feels a bit PS2/Xbox looking. At least the story and theme is new and not another WW2 shooter.

Excalibur4035d ago

The game actually looks good to me.

jp 1174035d ago

Ithink it shows some promise.But i also agree with outpostcommand i would like to lose once in a game and continue the fight in a sequel.