Ninja Gaiden Sigma IGN AU Review

Ninjas and videogames. It is the ultimate paring; up there with toast and jam, dogs and tennis balls and Nintendo and fanboys. It's all about the swords, the jumping, the water-running and the crazy ninja magic. And Ninja Gaiden is the granddaddy of the popular ninja game, starting life on the NES back in 1988 and spawning a trilogy starring the blue jumpsuit-clad bad-arse, Ryu Hayabusa - the Solitary Super Ninja...

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Bill Gates4034d ago

What is this like the 17th review of this game posted on this site? sheesh

Marty83704034d ago

My 'NGS' arrives tomorrow.

ReconHope4034d ago

reviews 4 the same game going down . should there be a limit 2 different views and opinions, though?

ReconHope4034d ago

review from each country?