Final Fantasy XIII PS3 DLC Revealed

PS3Clan writes: The free Final Fantasy XIII PS3 DLC is revealed. Hit the link to see what Square Enix had lined up for you!

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Gandalf2682d ago

And here I thought it was finally downloadable towns.

Eamon2681d ago

LOL, I was about to say the same.

Darkfocus2681d ago

there is no DLC for XIII it's for XIV when it comes out(that code that comes with 13 tells you about this when you register it)

Myst2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

The wording makes it seem like it's all Final Fantasy XIV instead of something for XIII...


Yep the same thing which was listed waaay back when Final Fantasy XIII released and one registered the game. Either get your wording straight [for titles] authors of these articles, or please refrain from typing. You can't say FF13 DLC revealed when you reveal something for XIV, and nothing for XIII.

Gothdom2681d ago

What is it about? I either get "broken link" or "server is busy"

BeaArthur2681d ago

If what he says is true, it's an unannounced item for Final Fantasy 14. It's a bunch of crap and not worth the time to register the game.

2681d ago
peeps2681d ago

yeh can someone please explain what this dlc is?

the links too busy, possibly cus this is the most hits this sites ever had lol

but it seems like it's a misscommunication anyway?

ZBlacktt2681d ago

Yeah, nice Crashed.

SuperStrokey11232681d ago

I cant get there either, anyone care to post?

2681d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.