Playstation 3 version Stuntman: Ignition delayed till October

Again some bad news today for PlayStation 3 owners. THQ today released its new release list for their upcoming games, which includes Stuntman: Ignition. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 2 versions are due out in August 2007 but the PlayStation 3 version has been delayed to October 2007, which is another two months after the initial release.

This follows news of the PlayStation 3 versions of Colin Mcrae: DiRT, The Darkness (Only in Europe delayed), Medal of Honor: Airborne and now Stuntman: Ignition being delayed. This can't be good news for Sony if nearly from every multiplatform game the PlayStation 3 version is released later than other platforms.

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Lex Luthor4030d ago

This is waiting(the trilogy)
Trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment

ALI G4030d ago

The list keep expanding

Air Cooled4030d ago

Sony really are trying to Box with one arm behind their back at the moment! It doesn't help that they keep getting jabbed in the eye

HeartlesskizZ4030d ago

GOD!!!!!!((((shaking my pc monitor)))) stop the delayeds of games for the ps3, I want to take adventage of my ps3 not just my 360 so plz stop that strategy

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The story is too old to be commented.