E3 2007 – What's In Store?

As SPOnG's intrepid E3 reporters start to worry about the vitally important issues surrounding next week's looming Min-E3 show in Santa Monica, such as the lack of complimentary lager on United Airlines flights and other pressing matters, it's time to look at what they think, hope and pray might be announced at the various conferences taking place.

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Maddens Raiders3854d ago

-- "We want to hear major exclusive PS3 games announced. We want full details on PS3’s Home service. We want full details on the new, slimmer, more attractive PSP, with details of a proper online PSP store and we want Killzone 2, Metal Gear 4 and lots more to be fully playable. Of course, we’d also like to hear about plans for a PS3 price drop, but we doubt that’s going to happen. Let's hope we're proved wrong." --

Couldn't have wished for more myself.