Operation Darkness - Like WWII, But With Zombies And Vampires

Famitsu have got hold of a ton of new screenshots for upcoming Japanese 360 RPG/small-squad tactics title Operation Darkness, which sees you take command of a sexy young British special forces unit tasked with assassinating Hitler. Except you can use magic. To fight vampires. And werewolves. And zombies.

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TnS3885d ago

Well, the graphics is...

MK_Red3885d ago

... is bad. Really, this is last gen graphics. And WW2 from Japan?

ALI G3885d ago

ps3 fanboys go a head

Raistlin3885d ago

I know I'm in the minority here, but I saw a gameplay trailer for this a couple of months ago and it looked very cool. I agree, the graphics are so-so, but the actually gameplay and characters looked awesome. I hope they give it a chance in the U.S.

tomfoolery3885d ago

Sony trolls infest this site!
But hey,one day they'll get games for their ps3(let's hope for their sake)and chill out on the 360 jealousy bash-a-thon!

ALI G3885d ago

you are even worse than me .it is honer to talk to some one like you

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