CVG preview: The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena

The original Riddick didn't break the rules so much as grind them into powder, snort them and expel the whole lot onto its spleen-encrusted sleeve. A good game based on a bad film, it was an FPS short on shooting but heavy on the third-person view, and a game created by a fledgling developer but containing more original ideas than the Patent Office. It was also the only decent thing Vin Diesel has ever been involved with and will remain so until one day in 2013 when he spontaneously combusts - taking Steven Segal with him - in a shower of liquid testosterone and pulped crab canapés.

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FCOLitsjustagame3945d ago

That was one crpy preview for one awesome game. I love that they are remaking the game for next gen. The Sony only guys will be getting a great game for the first time (unless they got it on pc) and others will get a remake of a great game with some extra content.

Although, for all the Multiplayer only people out there you still may want to avoid it as I would not expect the MP to be too great. This is one game that really did NOT cry out for mulitplayer. I haven't played the Darkness MP yet but I would expect it to be similar (without the shapeshifting)....of course I could be wrong and I hope I am.

3945d ago
MK_Red3945d ago

Not much new info. Hopefully they show more of Dark Athena soon.