Japanese charts: resurgent PS2 breaks into top ten

Sony's PlayStation 2 proves its still a number one hit in Japan, with Banpresto's latest Super Robot Wars title helping the ageing console back to the top of the charts. Super Robot Wars: Original Generations has sold 346,000 copies in the week ended July 1, knocking last week's number one, The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, off the top spot.

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Vojkan4030d ago

Of course, when it is good news about Sony, no one gives one single comment

MK_Red4030d ago

PS2 is one console that just wont die. It must have used invinciblity potion or something.

Rythrine4030d ago

The "Champ" just won't go down easy without a fight. Amazing, and I thought GOW2 was its last stand.

LeShin4029d ago

Yeah, and I'm not surprised. I'm still playing PS2 games on my PS3, they're just too damn good :)
One of the best, if not THE best consoles ever made..

hulk_bash19874029d ago

Hail to the Still Reigning King......7 years later and its still selling units.

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