Preview: Devil May Cry 4

There are some games which matter because of their stories, or their engines, or their gameplay innovations. But there are others whose place in the headlines is determined by entirely external factors.

Devil May Cry 4 has fallen into that second category twice now, no small feat for a game that still has another six months' development to go.

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ALI G3915d ago

now sony and it fanboys will understand what type of exculsivty they lost. i love capcom for bringing the amzing game to 360

LeShin3915d ago act as if this game isn't coming out on the PS3 as well. Why would "Sony fanboys" care if they're going to have the exact same game as people with 360's???

HeartlesskizZ3915d ago

hey no flamewar need to be start it here. anyways Im watin for a movie of this game.

MK_Red3915d ago has posted some big previews lately, from Halo3 to GTA4 to Endwar. Hoepfully DMC4 is like DMC1&3 not the DMC2.

hulk_bash19873915d ago

This game has sort of fallen out of my must buy radar...maybe its because of the lack of recent info on it. Maybe E3 will relight the fire. Still have high hopes though.