Soul Calibur Legends To Have One-to-One Wii Controls?

According to director Jin Okubo, the adventure-based fighting game Soul Calibur Legends may feature some very nifty Wii controls. In a recent interview, he hinted at one-to-one on-screen representation of real-world gestures, much like the baseball bat in Wii Sports.

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ItsDubC3943d ago

If this is true, this game will set the bar for tight controls on the Wii. I'm psyched to say the least.

gaffyh3943d ago

Yeah it would be great if the movement is fluid, hopefully it is I have high expectations of Namco.

akaFullMetal3943d ago

if their tight, then yea, if not then, well you know

tonsoffun3943d ago

This game could be great if the controls are perfect, but if they are off, even a little, then it could seriously impair the game.

Hopefully, it will live up to everyone's expectations and be fantastic.

texism3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

Sounds good, but I wont over expect like I did red steel. If it's better than what I think, then great. If it isn't, then not too much of a fall. I'll still buy it either way