Sony PS3 Rumble Rumour Round-Up

Current rumours emerging from the latest issue of PSM France suggest that the forthcoming rumbling SIXAXIS controller will not only sport a vanilla rumble, but it will also boast a "touch sense" feature that allows rumbles to emanate from specific locales on the device.

What's more, the shakin' is said to be "more powerful and more intense" than the PS2's rumble feature, with programmers apparently working to enable shorter bursts of sensation so that players will be able to feel the most subtle of movements via the SIXAXIS.

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ALI G3948d ago

sony about to change to $ony = go and buy another controller

boi3948d ago

errr which company doesn't want to make money! u tell me!!!

Violater3948d ago

Stop act like a [email protected] bwoy, and show some rrrespect.

Want to talk about money from peripherals it seems like a wii mote attachment comes out every other weeeek. And these things add nothing that you cannot do with the Wii mote itself.
And another thing you have no idea how much a new controller will cost, what features it will have to warrant a price,
will there be any trade in deals
I'm sure sending out people to hold a Guncon to your head and force you to buy a new controller is not in Sony's business plan, hence you have the freedom of choice to buy it.

So like I said Shut It.
Especially when it relates to bringing rumble back.

QuackPot3948d ago

It might have rumble but no one's forcing you to buy it.

When you bought your Ps3 you knew its controllers had no rumble.

So if you want rumble then buy it otherwise enjoy what you've bought.

okcomputer3948d ago

Its the company's job to provide the users with the best available products. You want them to stop innovating just because it'll cost a few more dollars for the people who CHOOSE to buy an upgraded product? And besides, it's not just sony, both the wii (the wiimote add ons) and 360 (elite) have done the same thing.

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kornbeaner3948d ago

What will this do to the battery life?

Cause right now I like how long the SIXAXIS last.
Will Sony make a New battery in the controller to keep up with the new features?

Anyway good news news for me and other PS3 gamers.

genix133948d ago

Yeah, I think that's what's taking them so long to do, it's the battery life issue. By now I think they've solved it and I expect it to decrease but not by much seeing as how long it's taken them.

ALI G3948d ago

i am called also ali g but i am not the one who **** ur mom .calm down.they could relased earlier but now already 5 million been sold.Plus when microsoft relased the Elite all the PS3 fanboys start ****ing them self about it
Your Sincerely

Violater3948d ago (Edited 3948d ago )

the retards are out in full force.
Tell you what, keep me mum out of this and I will keep me schlong out your mum.
And if you make another comment it just proves my initial arguement correct, you are a batty bwoy.

Nuff Said

Babylonian3948d ago (Edited 3948d ago )

Dude I know you're new and all, but this ain't some site were you insult everyone and get away with it. This is N4G, and if you keep posting stupid comments like that I and many others will report you and you will get banned. Don't ruin this site people.

You know what's also funny. That the rumble in the 360 actually IS last gen. The rumble that will be implemented in the PS3 is totally new and different. And last time I checked PSN is still free, the consideration about charging for it was misinterpeted if you actually read the article itself.

Read first fanboy, and how the hell did you get so much bubbles. You must be popular among your "Xbotties".

You're a douche you know that. Here is why the rumble is different than the current one. The 360 uses the same tech as the PS2 rumble. While the PS3 will use new technology for the rumble thus making it next-gen rumble.

I was not talking about the functionality, that both controllers will 'rumble'. I thought you were smarter than that, because if you look at functionality then cars for example are exactly the same as 50 years ago. They 'ride'. Grow some brains.

Blankman3948d ago

every company will say what its gotta say to sell. Msoft said HDMI wasnt necessary and they spit out the elite sony said rumble wasnt needed and now they are bringing it back. I personally would rather have them bring back rumble for those of us who are willing to enjoy rumble than for them deciding against it to save face and resist rubbish comments from clowns like you. So good job sony bring on the extra rumble controllers and give em touch sensitivity at least since the controller is coming after all other controllers it is going aboce and beyond the controllers out there. Unfortunately i cant say the same for the elite

ericnellie3948d ago

It really weirds me out when at the beginning Sony says stuff like "The rumble feature is such a last-gen thing", then they change! Or here's another one "We don't think it's smart to have 2 SKU's at launch" then they launch with 2, and "we don't think you should pay for our online service" then come back and say they are considering charging sometime in the future. Damn - I'm not sure where they plan on going. I guess, I'm just along for the ride until they can tell me something that they stick to;)

kurac3948d ago

We asked for it.

SKUs = we wanted a lower price (in the end it turned out that noone really wanted a lower priced PS3, those were just some X360 fanboys screaming that PS3 is too expensive. They wouldn't buy a PS3 in the first place)

Rumble = we asked for it.

kornbeaner3948d ago

Every company is guilty of not holding on to their word.

MS, Sony, and even Nintendo. As a Consumer you have to choice which ride you want to go on cause all 3 companies will take you for one.

Kleptic3948d ago

I kind of agree on some levels...

Sony knew a lot of people wanted it from the beginning...just wouldn't admit to the legal trouble preventing it...I know that wouldn't look decided to simply say "its last gen"...

While I was indifferent...and kind of enjoy the silly tilt control stuff for the most part...I have to admit I did hold off buying 2 more controllers (I bought 1 more right after buying the ps3) simply because of this...MGS is a series that always puts some innovative rumble control stuf in the game (rather than "you are shooting at someone so feel your hands shake")...

Overall it would have been nice for Sony to just say from the beginning that they were eventually planning on bringing vibration back...I understand the PR behind it...but I know a lot of people already bought 3 or more extra sixaxis controllers...and will probably end up buying more...

I have to admit though I didn't miss the rumble stuff really at all...I guess if given the choice I would prefer it...but it hardly made playing a game less fun or enjoyable...

THE_JUDGE3948d ago

Did you not read the article at all? Sony and Immersion are implementing TouchSense into this controller. It's new and it does a hell of alot more than just shake your controller. It's NOT LAST GEN RUMBLE!!! Trenton and Harrison never said you didn't need it, they said it was last gen and now they have next gen rumble (when and if confirmed) so they were right. And is this a bad thing? No? Ok, then shut up.

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