New Lost Odyssey scans

New scans of the latest Famitsu featuring some awesome new shots of Mistwalker's forthcoming Xbox 360 epic, Lost Odyssey.

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power of Green 3976d ago

Heres a slightly cleaner look of the game incase you have not seen them(old pics).

codeazrael3975d ago

Yeah, I remember this game now. The trailer looks sic! I never thought I'd be saying that there are too many good games to play right now. I'm having to backtrack to catch up on other titles I havent played yet. But I guess it is good to have the problem of not having time to play all of these games rather than not having enough games to play.

power of Green 3976d ago

Pics are bigger from the site. WoW the graphics are off the hook those creature look badass some of the best charator and creature design i have seen in a JRPG in awhile. Its seems down to earth enough in over the top drama and story to appeal to the west(read more about the story and game than whats mentioned on the site this posts from( not knocking standard wacky JRPG's both the American and Japanese style Godzilla's are good)).

HeartlesskizZ3975d ago

This game was lost to me forever but somehow it cameback and sneak around my must have list. got to love it

Cartesian3D3975d ago

I love the graphics and artstyle.. but plz make a better gameplay.. more Action and realtime fighting..

thats why I love Mass effect , KH ,Oblivion ... and so on..

cant wait to see new info about Gameplay ..

JasonXE3975d ago (Edited 3975d ago )

Can't wait to play this along with the other rpgs coming out on the 360.

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The story is too old to be commented.