Microsoft Explain Their European Invasion

In an interview with Develop, Microsoft's Phil Spencer explains their plans to invade the European market.

Hit the link for the whole interview.

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BrotherSic4028d ago

good interview, hopefully we shall see more games in the future coming from European developers.

It also might make the UK government implement incentives for game developers in the near future.

Nicosia4028d ago

Great Intervieuw. Loved 2 tiny parts of it:

1. Now, I hope we have the same success with both of those games – and remember that success for us as a platform holder isn’t just how many units you sell, because there are plenty of obvious ideas out there we could have gone after. Everyone still seems to be making those games that you know just crank out the units – maybe it’s the World War 2 shooter, that’s a cliché these days.

2. Competing with Sony for great games is fine – but I don’t put that rivalry as a priority. The priority is finding those great games in the first place and closing those deals when we find them.

Pretty smart anwsers if ya ask me.

Maddens Raiders4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

-- "The priority is finding those great games in the first place and closing those deals when we find them." --

You mean sniffing out all of the great games from the PS2 era and paying for them to enhance the "system"? Well if you don't cheat you're not trying. And if you get caught, you're not trying hard enough, right?

This needs to happen rapidly as the millions of PS2 owners will be weened [in theory] to the PS3 in a natural progression, so MS 1st party titles should be a REAL big priority going forward imho. Old PS2 *classics* can only take a console so far.

Nicosia4028d ago

Yeah i have to agree they had some ps2 stuff but you can't deny that there line up has stepped up:

- Mass Effect
- Eternal Sonata
- Lost Odessy
- Blue Dragon
- Alan Wake
- Bioshock
- Huxley
- Crackdown
- Gears Of War
- Lost Planet
- Dead Rising
- And some i can't remember

its all new ip's, i think there are reaching for more then last gen.And for the ps2 comment, PS2 is and was a giant...its the more logical way to release your game. But lets be honoust, lets say your in the business what do you do?: Try to release you game on a small scale or bring it out as big as possible with all possibilities.

Also a lot of people have been using your argument, though why would you hate if its comes over to all-next gen systems.. thus that mean you auto-hate it?

i Shank u4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

what are you talking about Ps2 classics blah blah all the garbage for. I have yet to see you make a non-biased comment Maddens Raiders. PS3 has an xbox classic NINJA GAIDEN. and alot of games on 360 first. Iv'e played and owned alot of 360 games; which are PS2 classics? Do you mean games that arent out yet like Ace Combat? thats a PS1 classic actually. shut that fanboy piehole.

hahahah I clicked ur name and found out ur a contributor! Thats great!(... ...) wow man congratulations on being fanboydouch contributor #1! fanyboy contributors are super serial buisness.