Smash Bros Brawl Watch - First controls revealed

There's a variety of attacks in Smash Bros, At first don't overthink things, It's OK to just tilt the stick and mash some buttons. Ease yourself into it.

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HeartlesskizZ3585d ago

This controllers are looking nice dont you think? The sidewasys wii looks fine but what is with the G-cube joystick? u can also use that?

mikeslemonade3585d ago

So this game can be played with one horozontal wiimote. If they oversimplify this game, i'm not going to like it.

uglyboglin3585d ago

you can use the side wiimote, classic controller, GC controller, and wiimote/nunchuck will be awesome.

HeartlesskizZ3585d ago

u right tho, but i heard u can slash with wii mote like a sword with sertain characters.

ALI G3585d ago

i think they could make it way much better if they focus in one controller

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