PlayStation 3 Reaches 50,000 Units in Australia

According to the latest GfK figures, in excess of 50,000 PlayStation 3 consoles have now been sold in Australia since the system launched on March 23, 2007. A Sony Computer Entertainment Australia representative commented that "With new and classic titles being made available regularly via the PLAYSTATION Network (PSN), and a strong portfolio of exclusive blu-ray disc based games set to launch over coming months, Sony Computer Entertainment Australia remains confident in the PLAYSTATION 3 console's current position."

Number of weeks to hit 50,000 Units in Australia
Wii--3 weeks
PSP--5 weeks
Xbox360--6 weeks
Nintendo DS--12 weeks
PS3--13 weeks

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sa_nick3979d ago

Awesome news. I know a lot of us are waiting for spring and summer releases (or fall and winter releases in the US), so i can only see the sales getting better with time. Price drop probably isn't coming anytime soon, but that would help a lot too.

ALI G3979d ago

this is not good at alll for playstation.i remember few weeks ago sony australia CEO said PS3 outselling 360 and the wii in week by week bases , how if it took PS3 13 weeks to reach what wii reached in 5 / 360 reached in 6 week

DrRage773979d ago

i remember that same exact article...kind of funny. it looks like sony once again was completely misleading or blatantly lying about it's sales of the ps3, as if no one would notice. lol

QuackPot3979d ago (Edited 3979d ago )

nov 2005:
xbox 360 was released with no next gen competition - market to itself It would be a year later that the wii & Ps3 were released.

nov 2006:
Ps3 released against an ESTABLISH next-gen console(xbox 360) that had an existing large selection of games + a novel and more advanced old-gen console(Wii) that is half the price.

Do the maths.
13 weeks is not bad considering THE COMPETITION and PRICING.

...LIKE, had things been reversed(ps3 releaseD in 2005 & xbox 360 in 2006) do you seriously think 50,000 wouldn't have been achieved faster. Get real!

CompGeek3979d ago

Quackpot, as far as PS3 vs. Xbox360,


Maddens Raiders3979d ago (Edited 3979d ago )

its the melting Greenland ice - shelf that I'm worried about and all of the loss of life. Good job for SNE since there "are no games" and it costs $600.00. Some people just have to have it ~ it seems ; )

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The story is too old to be commented.