Gamespot: Video Card Roundup 2007 - High End Cards

A follow-up to last year's video card guide, GameSpot's Video Card Roundup for 2007 will show you what cards are widely available in your price range and how they stack up against one another. Gamespot has divided the video cards by price into four categories: high-end, performance, mainstream, and budget. The budget list includes all the current-generation video cards available for $100 or less. The mainstream group includes cards that retail for up to $200. Bump the price range up to $200-$400 to get to performance cards. Finally, the extremely broad high-end category that includes everything over $400, which covers both single cards and dual-card setups. Gamespot has focused on current-generation GeForce 8 series and Radeon 2000 series video cards in this roundup.

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Frulond4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

I rather get all 3 consoles than a GeForce 8800 Ultra SLI for $1350 usd <.<

Console gaming is cheaper and better IMO since if you play on PC you have to get a new vid card every 6 months (if you want that new game to look sweet in your PC not considering other components you may have to upgrade), and console gamings ... well you just get the game and play.

ex. I bought a 512mb vid card like 4 months ago and now is crap for the new games =( so... I have 2 options 1) get a 768Mb one or save those bucks and get a couple of console games ... about... 10 :P

Edit: oh I forgot... I would have to buy a new mother board too since mine doesn't support PCI-E =S