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Submitted by mistermostyn 3141d ago | review

Review Round-up: Vampire Rain

The Darkness and Ninja Gaiden Sigma have both recently emerged to push back the barren summer dirge that has been plaguing the industry since Hollywood blockbuster season started. Can the appearance of Artoon-developed Xbox 360-exclusive Vampire Rain add to the shamefully short list of worthy summer releases, or is it destined to fall by the wayside as yet another missed next-gen opportunity?

GamerSquad offers up the collected opinions of the review specialists. (Vampire Rain, Xbox 360) -

power of Green  +   3141d ago
I wonder if anybody thoguht this was good after seeing the gameplay trailer?.
SuperSaiyan4  +   3141d ago
Here is some advice
If you have a PS3 and a 360 get Ninja Gaiden Sigma, if you only have a 360 then stay away from Vampire Rain! Utter garbage!

So far there has (Everywhere apart from Japan) been only 2 half decent Japanese games - Enchanted Arms and Nintey Nine Nights on the 360 where Japan has had the ultimate Blue Dragon Japanese game that everyone else is waiting for.

The PS2 was a great platform and still is for Japanese games and its a shame that a first attempt for the 360 has resulted in nothing but short comings of not so great Japanese games - oh apart from on the old Xbox Ninja Gaiden and the Dead Or Alive games.

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