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Jim Sterling: His Controversial Yet Accurate Views

O.G. writes "He's been called "The Biggest Troll on the Internet". To me, Jim Sterling is that British guy in Mississippi. He's a writer, a satirist, but most importantly, he's a gamer." (Culture)

armycore  +   1835d ago
Man I love this guy.
Parapraxis  +   1835d ago
(and now for the flipside)
He's a complete tool who gives game journalists everywhere a bad name.
Oh, and he isn't even remotely clever or witty.
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Darkstorn  +   1835d ago
He's a polarizing figure, that's for sure. His review of Deadly Premonition (10/10) was either absolutely brilliant or a travesty, depending on your console preference.
Parapraxis  +   1835d ago
That or his Deadly Premonition was a "travesty" because it's a crap game that does not deserve that kind of score, regardless of which platform some may hold dear.
vulcanproject  +   1835d ago
Gabe Newell's less attractive brother. Who ate all the pies?
Idle h4nds  +   1835d ago
Hey any press is good press. It's getting his name out there which is what all small time bloggers are trying to do and more importantly it's getting his site traffic.. I never knew who this guy was until all the crap about the FF13 review so I guess he succeeded in bating all you morons by getting his reviews to 1000+ at times..
Parapraxis  +   1835d ago
@Idle h4nds,
Jim, is that you?
rucky  +   1835d ago
Jim's taste to games is the same as the people getting off animal porn.
FragGen  +   1835d ago
If I were a dev sending him a review copy of a new title, I'd definitely wrap the game in bacon.
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Parapraxis  +   1835d ago
FragGen ...and run the risks of the games themselves being consumed!?

EDIT: LOL @Idle h4nds below, looks like I got his panties in a bunch.
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sikbeta  +   1835d ago
What is this Crap!? An Article talking "good" about Jim Sterling and made by him.... Bwahahahaha.... LAME!!!!
Idle h4nds  +   1835d ago
@ parpraxis

Are you one of the morons that gives this guy heat?

I never said I like the guy or even read his reviews I actually find his reviews to be laughable at best. What I said is that he's getting his name out there albeit in a not so nice way but it's still getting out there. Something small time bloggers struggle to do on a daily basis.
Myze  +   1835d ago
All the questions and comments from the interviewer in this interview give me the impression that he's sitting there with his elbows on the desk, his head in his hands and giving a smile and blank look of awe at Sterling. Probably one of the only people in the world that could be a fanboy for such a horrible journalist.

As for Sterling's reviews. The Deadly Premonition review IS a joke, whether he meant it to be or not. I've seen plenty of videos on the game now that are not only some of the most boring video game moments ever, but also some of the most poorly scripted, acted, animated, etc. It's not a polarizing game, and to give a game a perfect score because it's almost perfectly bad is not funny, witty, revolutionary, ingenious, etc., it's just stupid. However, even without the DP review, I wouldn't care to read what his opinions are, because he's proved on more than one (or two or ten) occasion that he has very poor taste in games.
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menoyou  +   1835d ago
An opinion on some journalist is not GAMING NEWS. KEEP THIS CRAP OFF N4G! Also he's a retard and Destructoid is the worst game site on the net next to Kotaku.
Genesis5  +   1835d ago
His reviews are terrible and he does gamers everywhere an injustice with each bogus review he writes.
silverbeld  +   1835d ago
Jim Sterling is a lonely sad guy. He not even finish any game cause its to hard to play at easy settings. He is not good enough to play any game. And reviews? Off course only kid games he liked. :(
Ziriux  +   1834d ago
You guys are just pointless readers, that have no clue how to put together an article or speak your mind, because a man speaks his mind you attack, ever heard of opinion? Deal with it don't read and pass around it.
Deiser  +   1835d ago
Heh, interesting views from someone with such a love/hate fanbase.
Ugly Bob  +   1835d ago
Jim Sterling is cool!
Forget the haters!
4pocalyps3  +   1835d ago
going to go ahead and say
judging by your name.....your jim sterling under another alias?

OT: i didn't know who the hell he was until he started running off his mouth a couple of times. hated him since.....needs to stop chatting outta his ass
xTruthx  +   1835d ago
"Whenever someone recognizes me at an event, game store, or wherever, and ask “Are you Jim Sterling,” I do wince because I don’t know whether they want to shake my hand or punch me in the face"

Feeling like that all the time must suck lol
BlackTar187  +   1835d ago
seriously though if people have that much of a love hate for you its kinda pathetic.
harlem_v1  +   1835d ago
Yes it's a funny yet sad commentary on society.
hay  +   1835d ago
He's fat and ugly. That pretty much explains why he's so bitter in his reviews.
thebudgetgamer  +   1835d ago
people take this stuff way too serious.
i can see if you you don't like his style of article/reviews. i think people use the word hate to liberally.
Parapraxis  +   1835d ago
I wouldn't give 2 sh!ts about his reviews if they were not scored.
But they ARE.
If he wants to make "joke reviews", good for him, but having his jokes be as trusted as those reviews which people honestly put time and effort into is laughable.

And his blind sheep will completely ignore brilliant games due to what he says.
They do take his reviews seriously, as foolish as that may be.

@below "who gives a crap what he thinks."
Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, developers, publishers, and I'm guessing gamers who don't know better. (IE: gamers who have seen "Destrucoid gave it __/10" on a box cover, game demo or in a magazine)
For a gaming website, IMO you either take what you do seriously, or you do it ALL as a joke.

I've seen quotes of Destructoid scores in demos. This means they are being taken very seriously by many.
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thebudgetgamer  +   1835d ago
im not a stearling fan at all
what i am saying is people give his words too much power, hes just some guy on the internet. who gives a crap what he thinks.
ActivistBike  +   1835d ago
Somebody clearly has their panties in a bundle.
Quadrix  +   1835d ago
Jim Sterling is the perfect example of a person who makes me wish you could revoke people's right to an opinion.
Kakihara  +   1835d ago
Not sure if he was trying to look scary in that pic with the sword of Olympus
but I'd be more afraid if he were holding a knife and fork.

/sorry, I'm usually above fat jokes but this guy's a douche. A paid troll. 4.5 for Assassin's creed 2 is ridiculous however you go about writing reviews.
harlem_v1  +   1835d ago
Not the Sword of Olympus. It's the sword from Darksiders.
wicko  +   1835d ago
Yeah, I don't usually fall for the fat jokes either but I couldn't help but laugh when I read "the biggest troll".

But yeah his reviews and articles are essentially flamebait, and even if the topic itself isn't flamebait material he tends to bring something up to troll about anyway.
FragMnTagM  +   1835d ago
A lot of people sure are mean as hell.
What does the guys weight have to do with anything? I have plenty of friends who have some meat on their bones. I sincerely hope the mods do their job and delete those hateful posts above mine.

If you do not agree with the guy, just don't visit his site, how hard is that?

Then you don't have to waste time on the internet to complain about a journalist you don't agree with. I cannot stand Fox News, or Bill Oreilly, you know what I do? I don't watch him, end of story.

Some of you people are really pathetic.
Obama  +   1834d ago
The protagonist in Darksiders uses the sword to kill while Jim uses it to slice his favorite steak.
Two-Face  +   1835d ago
Man that guy scares me. Seriously.

With his fattness, and his ability to suck at reviewing games.
AliTheBrit19  +   1835d ago

10/10 for Deadly Premonition

and 4.5/10 for Assassins Creed II

Real accurate.

The guy is a pr!ck looking for hits and feeding off the controversy, end of.
UltimateSin  +   1835d ago
@ 8
'The guy is a pr!ck looking for hits and feeding off the controversy, end of.'

"and feeding off the controversy, end of."

Nothing needs to be said aboot that line above.
ThisPlaceSucksBye  +   1835d ago
I do not love this guy.
Das_Bastardion  +   1835d ago
I see that picture of him...
I dont know why... i feel sorry... even if I completely despise the fat fvck... i cannot feel the usual hate or rage that i feel whenever his stupid brain vomits something on the Internet.

I feel sorry for him... man... WTF is wrong with me?
Nitrowolf2  +   1835d ago
perhaps if you think of him as Bungie/pp/MGR
mybe that may change your thought?
Anorexorcist  +   1835d ago
Gaming Journalism as a profession is being overun with carnival freaks and social reprobates.
It's seriously is all turning into one big side show!

There has been no other time in my life where I have been more inclined to ignore most of the "professional" reviews and editorials coming from the gaming media.

Side Topic: N4G really needs to stop posting articles related to blogs and from people who don't answer to anyone when they post beyond-idiotic views that are made for hits and for drawing heat or simply pissing people off.
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Das_Bastardion  +   1835d ago
With that looser is different, bungie-mgr-gr8 or wathever the alternate account he uses, is no more than a poor nutless baboon wich trolls on this site, Sterling on the other side, is a well known face. Now that I think of it, it must be really crappy to be in a position where you don't know if complete strangers want to shake your hand or punch you in the face...

He is an idiot, yes, a brutal troll, yes, Should he just STFU and stop being a pain in the ass? OF COURSE.

But man, i see those pictures... being Jim Sterling is NOT COOL at all... leaving aside the fact that you are a gamer... what are the chances you can score with a hot girl if you are like... him?


I do that too, I loved AC2 to the bone, y really liked WKC even if it has its flaws and surprisingly Im enjoying FF XIII more than I expected, and I dont know why Im sure I gonna love Alan Wake when it comes out, even if its probably my last xbox game
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CernaML  +   1835d ago
What is it with fat geeks like him having such gigantic egos on the internet and thinking that they're better than everyone else? I swear I see them all the time.
SmokeyMcBear  +   1835d ago
damn... that guy is freaking obese... jesus christ
BrianC6234  +   1835d ago
How can anyone seriously give Assassin's Creed II a 4.5 out of 10? That's a horrible review. That game was great. Not game of the year great but at the lowest an 8.5. I say a 9.
matta  +   1835d ago
More like 1/10 troll.
ThisPlaceSucksBye  +   1835d ago
I don't like AC2 (or the first one for that matter), but I see it as more of a "7" game.
This guy is obviously an attention-whore, just looking to be controversial for the sake for getting more hits.
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Socomer 1979  +   1835d ago
Oh.... He's obese.
Now I get what he Is saying.

Obese people are usually nasty & have zero compassion.
People are just barriers at the drive thru for this guy.
ElementX  +   1835d ago
What a disgusting blob....

(sorry, I love Ghostbusters quotes!)
MasterOne  +   1835d ago
A picture is work a thousand words...
He is a tool.
GenoZStriker  +   1835d ago
LOL Seriously
Give me the chance to write video games news and I will bring up controversial columns everytime a good game comes out like saying "Halo 3 can suck my nuts cauz it sucks" and I will most likely be getting the same praise as him.
seifer085  +   1835d ago
in what? eating?
foxxy  +   1835d ago
His final fantasy review
Was the wrost review ever created you know that he didnt play it or he played it for 2 hours and then wrote it off.
2FootYard  +   1835d ago
I would blow this man all day every day. Such beauty in a man is rare. My delicate, strange flower accursed by most is the light in my world. My greatest desire is to ride on his massive but mesmerizing, boil ridden back to the hottest reaches of creation and let my flesh melt into his.
Das_Bastardion  +   1834d ago
That is the most disgusting thing you have said in a long time
Even George Michaels is more manly... and i mean... George Michaels dude
Obama  +   1834d ago
Anyone notices that obese people like Gabe and Jim hates the ps3? I understand that the 360 can fry eggs but cmon!
James1985   1834d ago | Spam
Figboy  +   1834d ago
there is NOTHING controversial or accurate about Jim Sterling.
he's an arrogant tool who taunts the fanboys for hits on his site. that's all.

destructoid as a whole is a tabloid of a website. they are woefully unprofessional, and their "humorous," "satirical" posts fall flat. they are neither funny, nor ironic.

Jim Sterling is by far the worst of the bunch, and possibly one of the worst writers in the gaming media. he has no integrity, no class, and no self respect, because anyone who respected themselves wouldn't lower themselves to the standard that he has.

destructoid is a joke.

we all KNOW that fanboys are ridiculous, but we don't need Sterling trying to "set us straight" and in the process, exposing his own one sided bias and hypocrisy.
Obama  +   1834d ago
Look at him. Anyone who respect himself won't eat Mcdonalds 10 times a day.
-Gespenst-  +   1834d ago
Whilst I vehemently disagree with his criticisms of Heavy Rain, Final Fantasy XIII and Assassin's Creed II (I LOVE all three of those games), I don't really think he's an asshole after reading this.

He's opinionated, perhaps a little more radically so than we've become accustomed to. In defence to his Deadly Premonition review; he's right. I can imagine myself being immensely entertained by that that game, it's my kind of humour; and if you're enjoying the comedy it enough to not really care about the gameplay then so be it. Games are entertainment, so if you're entertained, they're doing their job.
StrikerZ3ro112  +   1834d ago
I realized somthing after reading this...
I have known about Jim Sterling's "controversial" reviews for some time now and have not really thought much of them. When I saw his comment about Deadly Premonition I was sort of irritated. He said that he has never been so happy to help sell a game..... this pisses me off.

It is completely backwards, Deadly premonition is a well known flop, nothing against the devs but its true, It Is Not A Good Game.

The thing that makes me angry is his comment about how proud he was about helping sell a bad game, when he takes no consideration into how he negatively effects the sales of decent games like Assassins Creed 2 and FFXIII.

It's wrong and it's becoming more and more clear that Sterling is a cancer that is killing video game journalism. The good news is that it is operable, fire Jim Sterling, he is a troll and nothing more.
#26 (Edited 1834d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
harlem_v1  +   1834d ago
Who are the idiots that are still reporting on this damn story? I get it, it's "lame" to you, but make a comment instead of reporting you bunch of cowards.
iamgoatman  +   1834d ago
I don't really mind his reviews, normally they're pretty informative. Not my favourite reviewer, but not that bad.

Some people seem to have a huge problem with them though, mainly due to his scoring, often going mad over a number without actually reading any of the review itself. Whereas, like in many reviews the score is more of an after thought, and shouldn't be taken so seriously.
And now that he's got the reputation for being controversial, he panders to it, irritating those same people even more.

He's just one guy, if you don't like him then just ignore him, it's that simple. To say he's killing gaming journalism is utterly ridiculous, if his critics had ignored him in the first place then he'd just be one more guy on the internet, but turning him into this devil of gaming is just adding fuel to the fire.
UC2GOTY  +   1834d ago
he is not a gamer

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