Hitman director wants more blood

Gamestar spoke to Timothy Olyphant and director Xavier Gens about their big screen adaptation of the popular video game Hitman. If you haven't seen it yet, the trailer for the "Hitman" movie, which has sparked a lot interest among gamers who yearn for good video game-inspired films.

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HeartlesskizZ4035d ago

Rated R is perfect, HITMaN cant be a pg13, then he cant do nothing like a hitman(bloody)

MK_Red4035d ago

Hey, I had tipped this (WorstPreviews) before. I think now we're even.

Back to topic, Yay for blood and R (M) rated Hitman. Im still angry that they made Mortal Kombat movie rated PG-13 (T).

thanextone2294035d ago

Hell yes! There is NO WAY that HITMAN should be rated pg13. That would be almost as stupid as making Resident evil pg13. Im just hoping its not as bad as Alone in the Dark was, which i believe was rated R...

VendettaWFT4035d ago

The trailer for this movie doesnt look that bad. I was reading over the internet that a lot of people wanted Jason Statham or Vin Diesal to play Agent 47. Though Jason Statham might have done an o.k. job, we've all seen him in this type of movie before though (Transporter,etc.). I personally think Statham should go back to his Snatch and Lock Stock days. Vin Diesal would have been and AWFUL choice, the guy just can't act that well. Timmy O should do decent job, he's a pretty good actor and if this movie ups the ante in blood then I can't see why this movie wouldn't be awesome

MK_Red4035d ago

Personally, I loved the style of teaser trailer but the Hitman actor seems a bit too young for the role. Hopefully the final movies is satisfying.

Groo4035d ago

Rated R all the way! Kids shouldnt be playing the Hitman Games anyway.