The Darkness = Prey?

John Davison of 1up writes:

"I've been playing The Darkness a lot lately, and have to say that I'm really enjoying it. It's by no means the greatest game ever made, but I'm enjoying the way it's paced, and I think that the overall execution is absolutely top notch. That said, it does feel a little...familiar.

I mentioned this on The Darkness Hype Thread on our boards, remarking that The Darkness reminds me an awful lot of both The Crow, and 2K's last FPS, Prey. It seems that I'm not alone. In response, 1UP member Cykey PM'd me with a great list of all the ways that the two games are similar, so I thought I'd share them with you as it's kinda interesting..."

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MK_Red4034d ago

While the comparison makes kinda sense, I belive its rahter unfair since Darkness is a much better game IMO.

gaffyh4033d ago

I've played prey and the darkness looks better than it. I would say though they are kinda opposites, in Prey you are a good guy and have good powers, in this you have evil powers which makes a big difference.

Prey was a good game, but this is miles better.

ChaosKnight4034d ago

My first impression when I saw the game last year was "Looks similar to Prey" and after playing it... I was convinced even more XD I didn't like Prey as much though.

Rhezin4034d ago

wtf?! ok first of all Prey takes place in a space ship and the guys' a cherokee. In The Darkness the guys' an Italian Wise Guy which takes place in NY. Prey has alien weapons. Darkness has modern weapons, and come on the guy can control snakes.

ReconHope4034d ago

played prey so this doesnt really ruin it 4 me

Covenant4034d ago

Well, Prey wasn't bad, but it wasn't great, either. From what a friend has told me, The Darkness is a better-than-average shooter with some decent supernatural elements...which pretty much sums up Prey, as well.

OK, let's have some opinions from someone on this board who has played both: Do you see some similarities?

My friend has said that once he's done with the game, he'll either loan it to me, or sell it to me for $20. Should I try it, or pass?

Rockstar4034d ago

I beat it this morning.
Had a great time.

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The story is too old to be commented.