Stranglehold - Good as it looks?

Everyone knows John Woo and Chow Yun Fat make great action movies together. And, based on Stranglehold's recent blitz of teasers, trailers and carefully choreographed gameplay movies, we all know they make good promotional material together, too.

But can the actual game - the one you might play in early August - live up to the cinematic expectations set by the marketing? Check out GamesRadar's custom gameplay footage of two Stranglehold levels and judge for yourself (more after the link).

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techie3853d ago

mwah ha ha. Now stop.

MK_Red3853d ago

I cant see the video. It says the video has mature content and "your age doesnt not meet minimum age requirement", it NEVER asked me my age.

Violater3853d ago

you guys....
I'm no expert but im pretty sure if someone gets shot in the head they don't hold their head as if they have a headache.

pwnsause3853d ago

lol, true, look at the gameplay video right now, its going to be an awesome game, its going to be a max payne game on crack lol. you get more bang for your buck also if you get the PS3 collectors edition

masterg3853d ago

That was what I was ganna say

BrownPowerzz3853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

you can be shot in your face without dying

Rhezin3853d ago

might suffer from some framerate issues.

Lex Luthor3853d ago

Chinese max payne

LMAO at getting shot in the head and holding it like you need painkillers.

BranWheatKillah3853d ago

He got shot in the nose and was holding it appropriately.

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The story is too old to be commented.