E3 Predictions: Kotaku

Peter Moore with a MGS4 tattoo? Less than a week before E3, Kotaku staff post their predictions. PS3 and 360 price cut, Killzone 2 playable, Mario Kart Wii and much more.

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highps33944d ago

Pretty lame being as most just messed around...

coolmatrix3943d ago

Shockwaves were sent throughout the gaming industry when Sony announced the new pricing for the Playstation 3 console.

Marketing has proven that many consumers will react to the "bandwagon approach." How long will that last is only a matter of time.

That was until the PS3 $299.99 retail price.

With the PS3 at $299.99 Sony effectively demolished the competition before they even had time to react.

Gamers around the world were sent into a frenzy as retailers everywhere had to respond to the feverish demand for the PS3 even greater than at launch.

Resistance and Motorstorm franchises both 1st party titles utilizing the supercomputer Cell and BluRay effectively showcased to new owners the beginning of years of entertainment value for their initial investment.

The Wii at $249.99 no longer was a bargain that it once was. Sales came to a screeching halt as buyers rejoiced in Sony's bold move to make their favorite console affordable to the masses. Lowering the Wii price too close to the DS Lite made no difference!

The Xbox360 demise was even more breathtaking. With the PS3 undercutting the Core, Premium and Elite models which has no high definition DVD standard, buyers ignored the 360 enmass.

Even if MS tried to discontinue the Core and Premium, the Elite HD DVD add-on is $199.99 plus the price of the Elite was more expensive than the PS3.

HD DVD suffered tremendously since no one cared to much about the 360. Blockbuster announcement)

The one title that push the PS3 seemingly into every home was LittleBigPlanet.

Once the title was released the developers were smart enough to create Plush Toys for children and collectibles for adults.

They spun off LBP into a kids learning software title for the PS3 that taught the alphabet, spelling and math.

The cute characters became the next Elmo and Barney phenomenon!

Sony PS3 captured the imagination of music players, karoke singers, next-gen gamers, researchers aka Folding at Home, community fans with Home, avid movie buffs and children with LittleBigPlanet bringing families a true family entertainment experience.

With Blu-Ray players seeing a 50% drop from $999.99 to 499.99 the same goes for the PS3 from $599.99 to $299.99.

$299.99 was the SWEET SPOT for the console.

Sony will leave the price at $299.99 until 2010. Expect NO MORE PRICE CUTS!!

Stroke of genius!

Phantom_Lee3944d ago

what do u expect...its a slow news day..

PS360PCROCKS3944d ago

A World War II shooter will be shown. (1:1)

lol so true...

FreeMonk3943d ago

Microsoft =

1. Halo 3 SP Campaign & Co-op finally shown, and will show it's epic scale
2. Konami game from Kojima for the X360, but not MGS4, and not an exclusive.
3. More Bioshock shown and demo released on Live! during E3
4. Short teaser trailer for Gear of War 2

Sony =

1. Killzone 2 Demo shown...and Demo released on PS3 Network
2. MGS4 gameplay shown, and release date announced
3. Heavenly Sword, Lair, Warhawk Gran Turismo 5 shown and release dates finalized
4. Final Fantasy XIII gameplay shown...AND RELEASE DATED!

Nintendo =

1. Smash Bros Brawl character line-up revealed with Sonic included
2. Hard Drive Add-On announced
3. New Kid Icuras announced for Wii
4. New Legend of Zelda game announced for Wii

Although I prefer my X360 at the moment, and can't wait for Bioshock, Halo 3, Alan Wake and other exclusives for the X360, I am really looking forward the end of 2007 & beginning of 2008 for Sony. Just in time for when I purchase a PS3.

As for Wii, Smash Bros Brawl will be awesome, but a Kid Icuras announcement would be fantasic!

Should be a good E3 for all consoles and gamers!!

Unless your a fanboy of a particular console, which means you'll be missing out on some classics game arriving on the consoles you would spit upon!!

Sony fanboys will miss out on Bioshock, Alan Wake, Halo, Mass Effect, Metroid, Smash Bros, Mario Galaxies

MS fanboys will miss out on Heavenly Sword, Lair, Killzone, MGS4, FFXIII, Metroid, Smash Bros, Mario Galaxies

Nintendo fanboys will miss out on Bioshock, Alan Wake, Halo, Mass Effect, Heavenly Sword, Lair, Killzone, MGS4

I do pity the fanboys!!!

kspraydad3944d ago

Crecente will reveal his coveted PSP redesign (again) or that he is married to his sister (probably more likely).

LSDARBY3944d ago

MGS4 tattoo would be hilarious, but i can see it happening tbh.

chrno63944d ago

haha I would laugh so hard when the xbots are disappointed. Mgs4 on 360 at E3?? Get a brain.

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