New PGR4 screenshot/information revealed

"Check out the screenshot below. This is an environment shot from one of our unannounced cities."

This location is currently believed to be the Guia Circuit in Macau.

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CrazzyMan3697d ago

i wonder how will look final game, though pgr3 also had similar screens. =)

PS360PCROCKS3697d ago

I know what you mean...but this looks better than pgr3 screens. if anyone knows the 360 architecture by now its bizarre

kingofps33697d ago

Looks like a city in Southeast Asia. I bet on China.

Extra Guy3697d ago

Apparently it's the start/finish of the circuit. I'm not sure about the integrity of that but it's been mentioned and agreed over several times in the forums.

cuco333697d ago

it was once a Portuguese settlement in china recentle given it's own independence. i've heard it is beautiful and will visit it one day. it has a mixture of oriental culture mixed with deep western european/iberian culuture

LSDARBY3697d ago

I thought that was real, it looks like a photo apart from the barrier on the track.

Shaka2K63697d ago

Not really it looks pretty meh..