Koei confirms Fatal Inertia still in development. Due in 2008.

According to a report from SPOnG, Koei is still in development of the Fatal Inertia title for PS3, thereby allaying fears of 'indefinite delay'.

SPOnG spoke with Koei's PR rep in the UK this morning (July 3) who assured us that Fatal Inertia was still in development for PS3 and "definitely would not be canned" as a number of reports have already suggested earlier today.

Lead Game Designer Michael Bond says of Fatal Inertia, "By designing Fatal Inertia's gameplay around a physics engine it not only allowed us to create a truly different driving model, but it also helped us create a set of dynamic weapons with multiple tactical applications… We've based many of the game's weapons on straightforward physical principles, and by doing so we're giving players the freedom to come up with their own creative ways of using them- ways that even we are still discovering."

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nice_cuppa4003d ago

from exclusive to delayed.

360 gets a free timed exclusive.

kspraydad4003d ago

what WipEout PS3 will look like but a little competition is nice.

ash_divine4003d ago

2 times in one week, first people were wrong about the E3 demos and such and now this, thats pretty funny.

ReconHope4003d ago

ill wait and c the reviews on 380 before buying this.

power of Green 4003d ago

The woman you use in your avatar pic is STUNNING.

D R Fz4003d ago

my guess is an actress in Kill Bill the movie

Bathyj4003d ago

Isn't she Ziyi Zhang from, Crouching Tiger, Flying Daggers, Rush Hour 2?

WOW, I cant believe me and PoG agree on something. ;)

On topic,.......Meh, still dont care. Remake Rollcage Sony.

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The story is too old to be commented.