Sony is ready to roll out a new even lighter PS2 hardware version

Yesterday received an e-mail from a trusted source that Sony had not delivered new batches of the PS2 for over five months to the Netherlands, resulting in scarce quantities of the maching being available. However they were not informed exactly why Sony would do such a thing...

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CNIVEK3889d ago

1.) The PSP is pretty much a handheld PS2.
2.) Anyone who buys one, is obviously not interested in a PS3; it's silly to keep giving them more reasons not to want one.

pLaystation3889d ago

1. ps2 has a bigger library
2. Atleast if they buy this they be taking away income from any competitor

kspraydad3889d ago

Perhaps they would buy one to ensure 100% backwards compatability AND buy a PS3?

ichimaru3889d ago

finally!!! i don't even care about this. itbeen 2 hours since someoneposted a new story.

Whoooop3889d ago

If they keep slimming this console, they will soon announce

The new PS2 Construction Paper edition.

Marona3889d ago

ROFL, Comment of the day!

kspraydad3889d ago

I thought the stories coming out of the Netherlands was that the PSP was in short supply....

Those funny dutch guys....

(I'm Dutch so I get to poke fun)

Babylonian3889d ago

nog een Nederlander op de site, leuk om te zien. Alles goed?

kspraydad3889d ago

Should have said Dutch heritage. Though I did live in Nijmegen for a year my writing skills in Dutch are completely gone now.

AznSniper3889d ago

Does this bring back the rumors of the Playstation Twii with Wii-like controls?

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The story is too old to be commented.