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More GT5 Screens at 8 and 18 Megapixels

You've seen these screenshots before - but not at this resolution. (Gran Turismo 5, PS3)

Jedward-  +   1490d ago
i just came in my pants wow , time to grab some tissue and clean up :P
xTruthx  +   1490d ago
Man those pics look ridiculously awesome
Jedward-  +   1490d ago
Wow like what a game like this has to be like the best graphics ive ever seen in a racer like f@cken hell
SonySoldiers  +   1490d ago
we're proud that the pics are massively win...18 megapixels GT5 on PS3D MOVE FTW!!! CONFIRMED

PS3 >>>>> X360 > Chuck Norris > BABOONS

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DavidMacDougall  +   1489d ago
Poor kid, cry more.
Nitrowolf2  +   1490d ago
that looks real
Gradient  +   1490d ago
Gran Touring  +   1490d ago
We're teased yet again... but still a great treat nonetheless. I'm loving J.R's tuned G37, can't wait to drive it in GT5.

R.I.P, J.R Rocha.
Al Bundy  +   1490d ago
That looked amazing.
mrbubl3s  +   1490d ago
Well, I don't understand why graphics need to be that good.
mushroomwig  +   1490d ago
Well it helps to create a new level of immersion while playing, after all..this is why we've all bought a next generation console, right?

Hell if you don't care about graphics then perhaps you should stick with a Super Nintendo or a MegaDrive.
mal_tez92  +   1489d ago
You're asking the wrong question.
The question to be asking is, why don't all games look that good?
Theonik  +   1489d ago
Why shouldn't they be?
TruUnknowN  +   1490d ago
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JAMurida  +   1490d ago
Amazing as always but enough with the tease, RELEASE IT ALREADY!!!!! lol
A change in the wind  +   1490d ago
Wow, f`in beautiful. I`m still waiting on that exclusive bots.
VINNIEPAZ  +   1490d ago
Awww how cute. I bet you snuggle up with ya PS3 at night dont you? Dont worry maybe one day mommy will get you other systems and then you can be a real gamer and not a hater. Hate on hater.

@DavidMacDougall No I have 1 bubble becuz people cant handle the truth. I dont expect to have lots of bubbles when you expose people for who they are.
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DavidMacDougall  +   1489d ago
You must be a hater pal, you have 1 bubble, i doubt you got that from being even.
HarveyB  +   1490d ago
it looks great in the screenshots but the nissan 370z demo wasnt as impressive. maybe they used the prologue engine for that demo. I want them to release it soon or at least tell us the release date so we can start counting the days!
spunnups  +   1490d ago
Last I heard, December 1st
Theonik  +   1489d ago
Heard at around October time.
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spunnups  +   1490d ago
I want to see some off road damnit. We know the circuit racing is pure bliss but c'mon show us something new!
ironmonkey  +   1490d ago
damn makes forza look like a cartoon game
Strikepackage Bravo  +   1490d ago
see you shouldn't have went there, everyone was admiring the shots and behaving like gamers, and you hadda start with the fanboy crap.

Now I have to finish it, the shots are most likely cinema shots,mixed with out right bull shots, this is what Sony has been doing with GT5 for months, no release date, just bull shots. The finished game (in game/in race) will most likely look just like Forza III, or worse, like that crappy demo they released.
VINNIEPAZ  +   1490d ago
I hear you Strikepackage Bravo. They just have to turn everything into a competition. I swear these fanboys must have grown up with just ONE toy and hung on to that thing for dear life.

In other news.......There is more than ONE flavor of Kool-Aid!! Variety in life, who would of thought!
YoungKingDoran  +   1490d ago
dont be a wuss package. just get ready for the battle
Strikepackage Bravo  +   1490d ago
what battle, I like both games and will be picking this up day one along with a PS3. There will only be a battle in the minds of fanboys like you, Forza is better @ somethings, and GT5 I'm sure will be better @ others.

If we are lucky they took the extra time of the delay to improve graphics over what we saw in the ridiculous demo, or perhaps they got the physics up to somewhere near the Forza 3 level, because from what we saw in that demo the game will be unplayable in 3rd person view, and dam near unplayable without a wheel! They have GOT to do something with those hovercraft physics, and generic one car fits all engine sounds.
The realness  +   1489d ago
looks better than forza? yes. makes it look like cartoon? only if you wear kevin butler goggles. cut the fanboy sh*t dude. GT will be great.but forza will not be anything less than a stellar racing game just because of gt5`s exixtance.I will also be buying f1 2010 on day of release which is gonna be around the same time frame as gt5.and guess what? im still gonna get em both.

Edit:this game is a good reason to but a 3dtv....hmmmmm
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bjornbear  +   1489d ago
@ strikepackage
why don't you just ignore the odd ball fanboy?

if i see the typical village idiot, or many of them, i engage, but if its one, just leave him to wallow in abandon.

then again. clearly you were itching to let that out, hoping to have someone give you that opportunity, thus being as bad if not worst than this mindless fanboy

you both fail...
clarkdef  +   1490d ago
I have to say, I was not impressed with the demo either. And I know the car looked good, but I play in bumper view so I never saw the car, and the track looked very plain. However I was very impressed with the physics a great improvment over prologue.

But I also remember people putting down God of War3 gpx when the demo was released, and look what happened there 0_0
ironmonkey  +   1490d ago
again the demo was to test the physics of driving not to show off graphics. you wont be disappointed. polyphony pretty much have a perfect record since gt on ps1. now all they have to do is take the perfect racing game and make it visually perfect. it will be done.
Michael Myers  +   1489d ago
i love that you admire forza but...
FORZA WHO?! this game trampels it! and im not a "fanboy" wtf is n4g? if you have an oppinion your labeled a fanboy. anyways, love the screens wish i could have this as a screen saver that would be nice.
clintos59  +   1489d ago
Strikepackage Bravo
The problem with your statement is it seems u dont "Believe" Polyphony has the talent to bring this game to life. I'll tell u right now why I already know GT5 will be the best of its genre because the guys at Polyphony are considered the Kojima of racing sim's so there is a reason why there was a delay & its because like Kojima San, Polyphony only releases their games when they know it is almost, "PERFECT".

You wanna make a big deal about delays and graphics, and I know this thread is only about GT5 but im using this as an example to prove my point. Lets take MGS4 a game that came out 2 years ago, and Splinter Cell Conviction was suppose to come out in 2008 but MGS4 blew everyone away ubisoft delayed the game. 2 years later SCC demo is out & even tho it may have attracted new comers, hardcore SC Fans were disappointed & to make things worse MGS4 graphics still look better then what we played in that SCC demo. Hopefully the final game looks & plays better but the demo was good but nuttin mind blowing.
Michael Myers  +   1489d ago
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ THE GUY ABOVE ME. tells the truth and nothing but the truth.
i agree with your statement completely.
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Dnied  +   1489d ago
These images should be tagged as NSFW
Sir_Ken_Kutaragi_  +   1489d ago
FUNK-ME!!! -
http://www.gtpla.net/wp-con... ;-P ;-P ;-P
jhani  +   1489d ago
this game has been in works for 5 years and seeing the graphical improvements of the first party titles coming from Sony this game has to look incredible. When is the western release?
sikbeta  +   1489d ago
This Game will be The EPIC Driving Simulator, GT5 will be PERFECT
delpiero89  +   1489d ago


This one is just better than porn.
zeddy  +   1489d ago
the attention to detail is staggering.
bjornbear  +   1489d ago
Dead_Cell  +   1489d ago
PD are regularily hired...
By car manufacturers to test and design for them, I think they are the last people you should ever doubt on delivering.
TheObserver  +   1489d ago
I am sure I am not the only one having trouble believing this will be in game. However, Polyphony Digital always delivers.

My mind is blown, eyes and ears bleeding.

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