OXCGN's Bioshock 2 Review – Is The 'Rapture' Still There?


"How do you follow up a game that seemed to be a once-in-a-console-generation experience that near-perfectly blended design, narrative and gameplay?

One would assume that the same team that worked on 2007's Bioshock (Irrational Games, formerly 2K Boston) should be the team embarking on expanding the sequel and innovating on what had already been created.

But with Irrational visionary Ken Levine no longer at the helm and Bioshock 2's development being shared by various divisions of 2K Games in different countries (with only partial input from Irrational), fans of the original had every reason to be apprehensive."

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gaminoz2801d ago

I sort of thought as much. It was a bit samey and the original was so good and new!

Godem2801d ago

I thought it was very average

BadCircuit2801d ago

Was just meh when they announced it and it didn't go anywhere new.