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Cheat Corner: Final Fantasy XIII Weapon Upgrade Exploit


"So, I didn't really feel that an exploit was something that HAWTwired readers wanted on thier news feed, but Carlos talked me into it, so blame him if you want someone to blame." (Final Fantasy XIII, PS3, Xbox 360)

Nitrowolf2  +   1990d ago
um you can do this anywhere in the game, once you run far enough the enemies respond. I am on chapter 12 and on the road there are allot of enemies kill one go to the next and then return back and they are there. SE did this on purpose in case you character wasn't strong enough to beat the boss

ahh nvermind its talking about the incentive chip
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Reibooi  +   1990d ago
First off that's not a exploit that's just farming. It's a common thing in RPG's

2nd off the amount of money you get doing it will never be enough to upgrade the 2nd and 3rd stage(3rd stage needs 2million dollar ore for the upgrade try doing 2 million times 6 and you will see why you will never make enough this way) of the weapons on the way to their ultimate forms.

3rd in Chapter 13 you can use the Death spell to fight Adamantoise that drop a Platinum Ingot worth 150k and they die in about 2 minutes if you do everything right(they also drop that 2 million dollar ore you need to upgrade to the final form of a ultimate weapon).

Why did this get approved exactly? N4G is supposed to be for news not cheats and exploits that don't even help anyone.
evrfighter  +   1990d ago
i figured this out on the airship when u rescue sazh and vanille.

i only did it for about 30 minutes and upgraded sazh, hope, and lightnings weapons.
gaffyh  +   1989d ago
1. Not even a cheat.

2. As Reibooi mentioned, that is a much better method of farming!
Ngai  +   1990d ago
yea.. this is nothing spectaculaire really...
Timesplitter14  +   1990d ago
I figured that one out myself
Redempteur  +   1990d ago
lol same here ..i found this alone ...did 4,5 turns
but you don't need money at this point of the game.
At gran pulse there is more places you can get better things ...

This is pointless ( the article )
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KillerPwned  +   1990d ago
Hm i`m playing now and am just about to get to Hope`s house im gonna have to give this a try.
RustInPeace  +   1990d ago
Don't waste your time with this. Those chips are dropped by many enemies all game long. If you want good CP farming areas, wait til chapter 8 for a good spot at the end or chapter 11
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iizcallum  +   1990d ago
Heh I did this on chapter 7 anyway before reading about it here... got quite a bit of Gil and CP :D
Baka-akaB  +   1990d ago
how is this an exploit ?

It's rpg basics to kill , and go back with respawn to grind xp or farm items ... unless you can get random encounters .

What a space of internet space ...
I Bet you dont call folks using a FAQ , cheaters , yet it's exactly what it is , a mean to cheat .
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PirateThom  +   1990d ago
Can't you also kill enemies in an area, save, reload save and battle all enemies again in just about every single area?

Bit more of a workaround, but it's good if there's a few higher level baddies.
ExcelKnight  +   1989d ago
Yeah, but all of the best grind points in the game are completely devoid of other enemies (which makes them great grind points in that you can farm them easily and with no hassle/random factor).
DeeZee  +   1990d ago
Cool! I'm at Chapter 7 right now! I'll be doing this about a million times haha
Baka-akaB  +   1990d ago
don't listen to him and don't bother .
It's really not worth it at this point .

It was mostly cool back then when missing a few CP and 500-800 gold for an item . But otherwise meh ...
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DigitalHorror81  +   1990d ago
I need the money.
Most of the game I've been selling my Phoenix Downs and living off next to ZERO Gil. The money alone along with the experience sounds good to me. I can max out my goods ASAP.
lightningsax  +   1990d ago
He's right, and Carlos is wrong. This isn't an exploit, nor is it even a workaround - he's just indicating a point of assistance that Square offered. The enemies respawn here more frequently because it's a catch-up point in the game. The next thing you fight is pretty tough, and if you're not ready, you're not moving on.

Therefore, guys often drop Incentive Chips. 2,500 is nothing later on in the game, and starring your first-tier weapons is neither a sure-victory move nor a god-mode exploit at all! It just helps, which is what that scene is intended to do.
Jikla  +   1990d ago
so what?
You can easily kill the tortoises in gran pulse with vanille's death ability and gain 40k cp and an item that you can sell for 150k gil and has a rare chance to drop an item you would have to buy for 12 000 000 gil in the store and you need the item to upgrade to tier 3 weps.
DigitalHorror81  +   1990d ago
I just LEFT Hope's house. Of course, I have 5 game saves to fall back on, so I think I'll take advantage of this. :o) Wouldn't hurt to do it for an hour or two.
Cirran  +   1990d ago
Uh...I just stated chapter 10 and haven't spent a single penny on anything. I guess I will need to soon but upgrading weps/acc and buying items isn't really worthwhile early on in the game. Its easy enough as it is ;x
ablecain  +   1990d ago
Hey, sounds good
I'd do this but I'm already past this area, and the developers (in their infinite wisdom) decided to make the player UNABLE TO RETURN to these earlier locations. Terrible design decision
Menchi  +   1989d ago
You'd be wasting your time if you're already past that spot anyway. There are much better ways of making Gil and obtaining upgrade components only hours after that point.

This is far from an exploit, and as stated, it is only useful at that point in the game, to help people who haven't leveled, upgraded or what have you, get past the next boss fight.

Story wise, it makes absolute sense for you -not- to be able to go back, and I personally think the story should have precedence over giving the player a "false sense of freedom" by allowing them to visit useless redundant areas.

I mean, honestly, what would you achieve by going back to the old areas? Outside of covering your databank entries, which, for practically every enemy before pulse, give you more than enough chances to fill anyway, I can't see any need, or even desire?

About the only place I can think of is Sunleth Waterscape, because of the nifty BGM there, but then, there's YouTube or the OST for that =]
GigaGaia  +   1989d ago
The amount of money you get there is way too low to even worth considering it. Even if this was post-game.
RustInPeace  +   1989d ago
Seriously, if people are running out of money/items so soon in the game, you're playing this game wrong. Wait to upgrade your weapons so they're more worth the wait than a minor stat boost. As for the gil, if you're wasting all you're money right now, I can't imagine on what. My items stockpile have been growing larger the further I go since I USE MY PARTY TO HEAL/REVIVE... How many times does it take people to say this is bogus & there are better spots til someone listens?

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