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Naruto: Rise of the Ninja Video Interview - "Naruto Can't Be done on any Other Platform"

Here is a new video interview of upcoming Xbox360 exclusive game Naruto: Rise of the Ninja, developed by Ubisoft, by GR. Continue to to find out what the devs are doing to this game and what is so different about it.


The developer is also asked why he chose to do the game on the 360 and he responds that”It makes more sense,they want to make the game for the European and American Market” He also says that ” the game cannot be done on or finish any other platform because of the details”. It seems that line has been quiet common among developers.

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He says it couldn't be "Finished" on other consoles, probably for schedule reasons. He doesn't say it can't be DONE on other consoles.
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Lord Anubis4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

”It makes more sense,they want to make the game for the European and American Market” He also says that ”

funny the guy talks alot about the japanese gamers and their unique taste yet the game is for other markets.

He also says that ” the game cannot be done on or finish any other platform because of the details”
its called incompetence.


Simply take a look at the PS2 uzumaki chronicles. i wont waste my time with a blind kiddo.Keep loving Microsoft for they one day will love you back. Toodles.

BIadestarX4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

Typical Sony lemming....

When a game for the PS3 is said by Sony 1st party developers that it can't be done for other consoles it's called power.

But when a game cannot be done on the PS3 it's "called incompetence.".

You are so bias that if Sony would be an ugly man you would simply ask, "How do you want me?".

candystop4009d ago

So true Bladestar but let them hate all day and everyday because nobody cares really! The 360 is a great machine for games and thats it period!

ImWithStupid4008d ago

it's simple math you moron, 9 cores vs 3....who do you think has the advantage.

also this is coming from Ubisoft, the same yoyo's that said conviction was only possible on the 3FIXME yet it is scheduled for PS3 release this November 28th.

Omegasyde4008d ago

No bladestar you are sorta right because Ubisoft hasn't made a decent PS3 game yet. R6:V was a good attempt but after all the delays they still couldn't get it right and the game was shipped with bugs galore.

Let's be honest Bladestar, Ubisoft favors Microsoft to point where they are told to say "things". Cash Dolla will make Ubi Holla.

WafflesID4008d ago

Uhm....9 cores vs 3? HAHAHA

Ok, seriously....Are you high?

You can't POSSIBLY be comparing the SPEs on the PS3 with a full general purpose "core" on any other multi-core processor. Even if the Xenon is a stripped down version of a PC cpu (no branch prediction) the cores are COMPLETELY Different than a Cell SPE. Not even REMOTELY comparable.

And even if you were to make a retarded comparision like that you would realize that the 360 has 3 processors with 2 threads each. So really it would be closer to a 6 vs 8 (because one SPE is disabled to increase yields).

beans4008d ago

Actually its 3 dual threaded cores which can one day be used as 6 with a more advanced GPU! The only tool here is you sir and that is why i'm pretty sure your down to one bubble! This same story has been around for many many years and even way before we were born and I think it was called the tortoise and the hare! Speed isn't everything and never will be although it will have it's advantages! There are many disadvantages as well that are becoming more and more noticeable each and everyday but yet and still it has not hit you yet! The lesson here is that you should never underestimate the under dog ever!

ALI G4007d ago

HAZE = cannot be done in anyother platform who said that....
splinter cell conviction = cannot be done in any other platform who said that .............................. .............................. oh i remmember it is ubisoft

TheXgamerLive4007d ago

SC conviction IS NOT COMING TO ANYTHING OTHER THAN XBOX 360, It is not sceduled for release on ps3 in november you nimrod, lol:)

This has already been confimed by....well, by all.

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TriggerHappy4009d ago

game on been done on console a cannot be done on any other console ? i mean come on now..this is getting ridiculous.

Xi4008d ago

been copied from Sony and the first parties factor 5, insomniac, naughty dog. The difference here is ubi is third party.

hazeblaze4008d ago

Yea, I'm not sure. It only seems ridiculous in this instance b/c nothing we've seen of the game seems to imply scope beyond last gen games. That and Sony has already shown off games of 'next-gen' scope in the likes of Uncharted & HS. There didn't really appear to be a lot of detail to the background or character designs of this game. I'm still looking forward to the game though, I'm a Naruto fan and this shows promise to be the best one so far... but I did sense some bs in his answer.

candystop4009d ago

Who cares what console a game can and cannot be done on and why does it bother people to hear this! This game looks hot and will be in my 360 come October! I love how you can take your character online and fight which would of been cool in shadow run if you could of played the single player and taken online what you've learned! Akira would be a hot game also and hopefully we will see another Phantom Dust game here at E3!

power of Green 4009d ago

One of my brothers is an 27 year old Architect that works for a company Callison Architecture Inc in Seattle.

On friday nights he will not go out untill he watches this Show when he's at parties or get togethers he will find a TV and watch it that is how much he loves this NO LIE!, he does not play Video games but when i told him it was coming out on the 360 he said he will buy a 360.

He has hooked me on the show aswell and i'v been watching it for two weeks now(last show was great Naruto's sisters anger is off the hook.

Alot of drama with too much suspence leaving one hanging untill the next episode though). Game looks stellar the gameplay looks off the hook!.

Lord Anubis4009d ago

give this link to your brother:

or for a higher resolution (standard) give him this link.

Kokoro4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

This game will sell tons of copies! Ubisoft knows that 360 has been very good to them in terms of sales. As for the only capable on the 360, he says what he wants to. Maybe it's a new type of physics or animation that can only be done on the 360. It as to be something. I don't and neither do any of you. And Ps3 and 360 can do things the others can't. Is that so hard to get?!? BTW the game looks mighty gorgeous. Very true to the style.