BioShock's Ken Levine on the American Gamer

The man behind one of the most anticipated action games in 2007 waxes patriotic about gamers in the USA.

"It's changing so quickly. When I was a kid, I was an American gamer and very few other people were. And I was made fun of for being a gamer, because people weren't into it. I'm 40, and at the time, I remember reading comic books and playing games and it just wasn't cool to do that. And that was a big part of limiting the kids' propensity to pick it up.

I remember bringing a collection of Golden Age comics that I got from the library to school when I was in seventh grade. I was sitting in the corner, and I got made fun of so badly for reading comic books that I never brought it back again. So it was terrible – I wasn't a popular kid to begin with, and that didn't helped, being perceived as being into these lame things instead of sports or whatever.

I remember going to the Batman movie when it came out in '91with a friend and he said, "This is the beginning of a change. Nerd culture is starting to become mainstream culture."

He's right. I think that if you think about the things kids are into now, what are the biggest movies of the summer? Spider-Man and things like that. Comic books and video games are becoming absolutely mainstream."

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bootsielon3913d ago

Watching TV and Cinema is always cool. But playing videogames, and especially reading comics have yet to be considered universally cool. Comics are too niche and you need to devote a lot of your time just to read still images... at least there's some sort of interaction on videogames (I like comics, by the way)

Rhezin3913d ago

lol who's making the big bucks now Ken Levine. YOU are, millions. hell the kids that probably made fun of you are probably struggling to pay their landlord while you are gonna have a porsche by the end of the year. God I hate kids like that, but nowadays everybody plays games, not too much ridicule anymore as it was in the past.

MK_Red3913d ago

Simply thinking about Bioshock makes me excited. Hopefuly its as classic as System Shock games.

SorenK3913d ago

There is a great scene at the end of the movie where one of the main nerds (the name eludes me) gives an inspirational speech about how we are all nerds in some way and that...

"No one will really be free until nerd persecution ends!"