Confirmed: Beautiful Katamari Damacy cancelled on PS3

Rumors had been going around that Beautiful Katamari Damacy for the PS3 was canned. Famitsu magazine have confirmed today that, the game has been cancelled for the PS3.

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nextgengaming183948d ago

It isn'tgoing to be goty, or a great game. It will most likely be an okay game in the 6 range yet, this game always gets so much attention from both ps3 and xbox 360 gamers. I don't understand why this or fatal inertia gets all this attention for their mediocrity.

P4KY B3948d ago

I'm an Xbox 360 fan.
I'd rather Katamari was PS3 only.

DixieNormS3948d ago

PS3 fans are totally blind, How the hell is losing a game ever a great thing. This sounds like denial and stupididty to me. You need to look into the light.

Omegasyde3948d ago

Yea, the game is a Xbox live downloadable title as well.

The Trend in News lately is to tell people games that are canceled on the ps3. I agree though these mediocre games are getting alittle too much attention.
I am curios how the Unreal engine will handle a racing game....
Katmari is different and not a horrible game, will be worth 5-10 dollars though.

Xeoset3948d ago

Katamari is a great series.

This and the Katamari games coming to Xbox Live! Arcade will be amazing.

Also, I feel sorry for the people that have bought PS3's. They're really getting let down by not only Sony, but the Devs. that are promising them and not delivering. I can now honestly say I'm glad I cancelled my Euro PS3 Pre-Order, I lost £30 as a deposit, but saved a good £400.

nextgengaming183948d ago (Edited 3948d ago )

And am not disappointed. I already knew what I was buying then. I wasn't paying attention to all the multiplat games due to me having a xbox 360 already. I bought it for rfom, and motorstorm. I am waiting for heavenly sword, r&C, lair, and uncharted.

DADO3948d ago (Edited 3948d ago )

I love my PS3, by the end of the year there will be to many game to play. I wish i had the time to play the all.

Bordel_19003948d ago

Don't feel sorry.

I'm perfectly happy with my PS3.

Lot's of good things are happening to the PS3. E3 is up, there's; Uncharted, Little Big Planet, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Killzone, Haze, Assasins Creed, Devil May Cry, Lair, Heavenly Sword, Ratchet and Clank, Pain, Warhawk, etc. well you get the picture.... lots and lots of awsome games..,,,

Who cares about Katamari. I don't, if it was coming to the PS3 it sure as hell wouldn't be at the top of my list.

xfrgtr3948d ago

Good for you Xeocet and stop lying about you ordering the PS3,this game is for xbotretards like you,very good news for ps3

cartman3133948d ago

Don't need to feel sorry for me. I love my PS3 and have no interest in Beautiful Crapmari. PS3 has a nice list of games on the way, which makes me really happy I bought a ps3.

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Odion3948d ago

well thats your opinion people like me love this game and want it on the 360

DADO3948d ago

How many millions did M$ pay for this one?

Bnet3433948d ago

The reason for this is because Namco is not happy with PS3 sales, I really doubt MS and a Japanese company talk about exclusives and stuff like that.

Ignorant Fanboy3948d ago

A heavy wallet can crush some competitors.

kingboy3948d ago

50 mill for additional content via xbox live.

Rhezin3948d ago

not a big loss for ps3 owners

Bnet3433948d ago

Sure as hell not a gain either