Xbox 360: Blue Dragon Demo Release Date

Reports from Japan suggest that a demo of Sakagutchi-san's Xbox 360 based RPG will be released in a couple of weeks time...

It's already the most popular Xbox 360 titles ever in Japan, but it seems that Microsoft isn't letting expectations drops ahead Blue Dragon's release in the West this August. In a report from Japan's Famitsu, an "International Demo" of Hironobu Sakaguchi's RPG will be released over Xbox Live Marketplace from July 20th.

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beans3582d ago

I'm not playing a demo and would much rather wait for this game! I'ts going to sell like hotcakes so they should release a demo after it's release!

tomfoolery3582d ago

It was designed for Eastern tastes.But,it's one MORE game than
the PS#3 will ever see.Bring it on.

predator3582d ago

u r nuts yeah?! this game is going to sell, loads of people like rpg's and this is one of the biggest out there

ericnellie3581d ago

You don't know what you're talking about. Have you done some sort of Marketing/Customer decision making research or analysis? Last time I checked, there is a huge following for Japanese type RPGs in the West!!

ALI G3581d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

this ...... said something usefull

tomfoolery3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

I hope it does sell.

PS360WII3582d ago

Well I know I'm going to get it. 360 is in dire need of some good RPG's and this is the first of many soon to bes ^^

progx3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

Contrary to what the haters want to believe, the Japanese will buy.

*what we really need is mother f*ckin KOTOR III*

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The story is too old to be commented.