Medal of Honor:Airborne delayed on PS3

Medal of Honor Airborne will be available August 24, 2007 in Europe and August 28, 2007 in North America for the Xbox 360 videogame system from Microsoft and Windows PC and in November for the Playstation 3 computer entertainment system.

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bootsielon3883d ago

Do developers suck, is the PS3 too hard to develop for, or the effort in doing a good job is not worth it?

Xeoset3883d ago

The last two.

When you throw in random pieces of hardware without fully looking into compatibility, it will make it hard. The fact they came and used hardware that was so different to current architectures, they made it harder and shot themselves in the foot.

The 360 on the other hand is getting all these games on time, it's also getting tons of timed exclusives when it shouldn't be, like this here.

And because of the difficulty, developers are just ditching Sony, ala Kengo Zero, Art of War, etc aswell as all their old exclusives going to the 360, as such as Devil May Cry 4, LA Noir, etc.

Finally, games that were either announced for the PS3, or games that were PS3 exclusives are being taken off the system totally, ala Beautiful Katamari, Fatal Iniertia.

I'm honestly suprised the PS3 is actually selling at all. But until MGS4 or FFXII (I'm not saying they will) 'Jump In', it'll sell, but where do Sony go after their 2 goldenboys are released?

xfrgtr3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

Xeoset,youre just a blind fanatic xbot liar,DMC 4 or LA Noir, etc. going multiformat has nothing to do with difficulty you stupid fk(money), I'm honestly suprised that people like you actually exist(great example of stupidity)

candystop3883d ago

Who ever keeps agreeing with you and people like you must be extreme Sony fans! I've noticed that a lot here on this site and don't understand why So many Sony fans are trying so hard to stick together and click agree or disagree for anything pro Sony even though they know dang well they shouldn't have! Denial must be a very strong emotion!

Xeoset3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )


Ahhhh, the 'Offensive Sony Fanboy', a very populated breed. Any form of pointer that Sony has done this bad, or Sony isn't doing to well here and he'll attack.

Usually habits PSU or SPG, but is known to come out and troll, spamming 'ZOMG, RroD lolololllolololllo!!1!', only to be shown up by his own lack of logic, knowledge and common sense.

You almost offended me, would you like a cookie for your attempt?

EDIT: Bubble for Candystop. You're a smart guy.

Blankman3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

the ps3 is tough to develop for but that being said has more advantages than disadvantages. Extra cell processing power and blu ray capacity. Xbox easy to develop for, has 33% rate but if there is one feature i have to give msoft credit for is xbox live. i hardly pay for membership though jst love the free dwnloads but every once in a while i pay for gold membership. PS3 sales are slow because of lack of titles and the high price point. If sony dropped the price of their player by 200 because i doubt 100 will have a long lasting impact and then they released killer titles that really showcased the consoles power then a lot of people still sitting on the fence won't hesitate to make that jump. In the case of ps3 being hard to develelop for, this is only a temporary issue as more devs get a chance to work on the system they will slowly start to understand its advantages and push it for power

mboojigga3883d ago

Funny how none of this was ever a problem last gen for games ported from the PS2 to the Xbox which turned out better then the PS2 version.

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gunnerforlife3883d ago

does anyone really care about this game cuz i sertinly dont than again i might be the only one that dosent care;)

kalistyles3883d ago

I see plenty of other games I would rather be playing than this one.

Xeoset3883d ago

MoH is a great series. It's easy to pick up, has solid gameplay and has a few great musical scores.

It's an easy game to love.

Unfortunatly, there is already way too many amazing titles I need to pick up for the 360, a few for the Wii aswell. I'll hopefully find this in a bargain bin sooner or later.

i Shank u3883d ago

Dunno about you xeoset; for me the series went down after frontline and Allied Assault(Pc only, awsome game). the people who made allied and pacific assault(never played it) broke away to make call of duty series. ever since they did that any MOH ive played sucked(Rising Sun had me riding on an battle elephant? wtf was that $hite!?). always good music, but thats what i use CD players for.

Odion3883d ago

The problem i see is that and please don't take this as a fanboy comment I am mearly resaying what others have said.

The PS3 and 360 are built VERY differently, and with the 360 being built more like a computer and their developer tools being really good (again from what has been said) it makes it a lot easier to start the and make the game on the 360 because you have a lot less prep to do so to speak.

However this is a double edged sword because when you want to port it to the PS3 it needs a lot of retooling and a lot of studioes don't have the time or resources to really get it up to snuff so the bigger companies delay it to get it done and the smaller ones well they look or preform worse

Bebedora3883d ago

I have heard (read) the same elsewhere too. The thing I have to add, is that it would be cheaper (more efficient) to start developing on a multiport on the PS3. It's easier to go PS3->XB360 than the opposite that is.

TheMART-sucksdick3883d ago

Look at Gran turismo 5, it could be delayed untill september 2008 (confirmed by jeux video) Its getting terible now and sony need a plan to bring the ps3 back, BUT WHAT? Killzone, eight days???? E3 may change alot of opinions about the ps3. My opinion is simple even though a own a ps3, but here it is -

1. Cut $200 off the price
2. Fix the online, we need more options like live etc. Custom soundtracks.
3. They need to buy more 3rd party exclusives, (sony fans are not impressed by this bulls*it)

Thats my opinion. Could it happen? wait and see.