First GTA IV voice actor confirmed

Since the first GTA IV trailer was released, many fans were wondering who was gonna be picked for the job to voice actor the characters. There has been many past rumours of certain actors/actresses who were chosen to play the part but finally, one has been confirmed. Ruslana, a Ukrainian singer is travelling to NYC to do the voicing for a currently unknown character...

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deepujatt20053979d ago

i can't wait for this game :__

ReconHope3979d ago

but does anyone else think they should change the character design for the main character? i dont really like him.

LSDARBY3979d ago

I think they couldnt have chosen a better character. Theyve moved away from the typical gangsta style character, With Tommy Vercetti and Carl Johnson. I think its good that theyve chose an immigrant and his voice is mint give the game an egde imo. And somehow makes it more realistic imo.

MK_Red3979d ago

I hope they can get Samuel L Jackson to do some voice over. I loved him in GTA:SA.

Rhezin3979d ago

ya they have diff nationalities for every game. It was only a matter of time before they put in a Russian. I think it's awesome.

HeartlesskizZ3978d ago

"they know what they doing" thats what I always tell my self when I dont see to understand stuff about the game like planes, first i was like OMG they kill it, but no I do realise thta is more realistic with out them, takes moretime to travel etc so If they pick him is most likely that he match the story and plays it well.

only thing im wondering is about clothing, I see him with same clothes everywhere and that clothes is not good.